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    FS: Little Dot MK V "Dual-Mono" Headphone Amplifier (Australia)

    My Little Dot MK V is up for sale. This unit has been owned for about 6 months and is in excellent condition. The only thing that has been replaced is the volume knob as you can see in the photo. Im looking for buyers in Australia only. Price im looking for is $300AUD with shipping to...
  2. Dual

    Does coiling a headphone cable reduce SQ?

    I have read some where that coiling a headphone cable to shorten the length of it can create inductance thus effecting sound quality. Is this true? Heres an example
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    FS: Meier Corda Move

    My Move is up for sale since I have little use for it anymore. The condition of the unit is fantastic as you can see from the photo. It has been used for around 350 hours so it is well burned in. The package comes with: Corda Move unit Extra Metal Back Plate Extra Plastic Battery Cover...
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    IC: Meier Move

    I've had this amp for around 2 months now. It has been used for around 300-350 hours mostly from the PC using USB and 12v adaptor. The unit is still in great condition and I still have all the accessories that came with the amp. As you can see from the pics below. Looking to sell to...
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    WTB: AD8656 mounted on SO8 to 8-pin DIP Adapter

    Im looking for some one to make me an AD8656 mounted on SO8 to 8-pin DIP Adapter. This is for rolling the DAC section in my iBasso D1. I really appreciate it if anyone can help me out.
  6. Dual


    Bought the Meier Corda Move from ADD. The transaction when very smoothly. Excellent communication and fast postage. Great guy to deal with. Would definitely do business with him again. Thanks mate!