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  1. OnyLink

    Best closed back headphones 250$ budget

    Looking for really nice closed back headphones to prevent sound leakage. Not really a fan of bass. I mainly listen to metal. I'm not a huge fan of bass. Any suggestions?
  2. OnyLink

    Westone W4 or Earsonics Sm3?

    Im having trouble deciding which I want. While Westone is cheaper than the Sm3's, I am not sure which I would rather have. The genres I listen to are things like symphonic metal/power metal. I tend to prefer female vocals. (As for metal, I do not like screaming so that's not really a factor.)...
  3. OnyLink

    NFB-5 or NuForce Icon HDP

    I have AKG K702's and was curious which would be better the NFB-5 or the NuForce Icon HDP.
  4. OnyLink

    AKG K702 Amp/Dac

    What Amp/Dac would I be able to use with my K702's? I have about a 250$ budget. I am trying for something without tubes. I have looked into the e7/e9 combo but I feel as if that won't have enough power for the power hungry K702's. Ive also looked at the Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1 in which I...
  5. OnyLink

    K702 Portable Amp/dac

    I know that the K702's are VERY power hungry. What portable amp/dac would go well with the headphones. I have a budget of about 250$. I thought about the e7/e9 combo but am not really sure if that would really do the headphones justice. Is there a better route to go with a 250$ budget? Note: I...
  6. OnyLink

    AKG K702 Amp that doesnt put the headphones to shame.

    I decided I am going to buy the AKG K702  shortly (probably cyber monday) however, from what I have read, the K702's require A LOT of power in order to do the headphones justice. I am looking for usb dac/amp. In order to serve the headphones justice what kinda usb dac/amp should I get? Note...