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  1. Rawratchu

    Need recommendation new IEM around $250-300

    Wrong forum, delete thread :(
  2. Rawratchu

    Wearing IEM's in opposite ear?

     I find that on my sm3's, that its way more comfortable for me to wear the right earpiece in the left ear and the left earpiece in my right ear. Is this wrong to do? Oh and something else that is weird is that i can listen at louder volumes without hearing a distortion in my left ear that i...
  3. Rawratchu

    How do YOU guys compare your headphones in term of SQ

    So im quite new to this hobby and i havnt found a good way to compare my headphones to eachother. I tend to just listen to the same song over and over again for around 25 minutes so i can get used to the sound signature instead of swapping every song. I would like your ideas or even music that i...
  4. Rawratchu

    ipod nano 5gen for sm3?

    Im ordering the earsonics sm3s soon and im very new to DAPS and havnt had anything but ipods. So right now i only have the apple ipod 5 generation and im not quite sure if the player will be on the same level as the sm3s. Will i need a different player to enjoy the sm3s at its best, or will i be...
  5. Rawratchu

    AD700 upgrade

    So i plan on giving my ad700 to my girlfriend because im planning to upgrade to a higher end set of cans. The genres i listen to are Classical, Acoustic pop/rock, J-pop/rock, and a tiny bit of power metal. I have a thing for Strings(Violin, cello, guitar). What i appreciated most is a large...
  6. Rawratchu

    TF10's worth it?

    Iv been looking at the TF10's on amazon for the past few months for 180 bucks. Are they worth the price? My past iems have been IE6 and the black monster turbines and a load of crappy stocked ipod ones. I'm afraid to throw out 200 dollars and be dissapointed. Any advice?
  7. Rawratchu

    What are the best eartips for sm3?

    Iv been thinking about getting the sm3's but im worried that i wont get the most out of the iem with the eartips they supply. What would be the most comfortable and produce the best sound quality without buying customs?
  8. Rawratchu

    sennheiser 500's compared to the sm3

    I'm wondering... how do the senn 555 and 595 full size cans compare to the sm3 iem. Im not talking about the certain advantages like portable use. Im talking about pure sound quality. I know the price is about 200-300 extra dollars for the sm3. But does the performance of them compare to the...
  9. Rawratchu

    The most "fun" iem?

    So iv decided to buy some iem's instead of headphones for portable use.Iv tend to look for a more accurate and natural sound, but i'm afraid of the lifeless feel ill get, so iv decided to go for a more "fun" iem, that adds color to my music but doesn't overwhelm the honest recording. I love...