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  1. Solrighal

    Martyn Bennett

    This short video is an interesting insight into many things..  
  2. Solrighal

    Quick USB Question Please?

    How long can a USB cable be before performance is reduced? I ask because I'd like to move my ODAC away from the Mac. Thank you.
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    Please help me find a good interconnect?

    I need a very short pair of phono RCA cables to connect my ODAC to my O2. These units are tiny and a cable no longer than 6 inches should be enough. I never see cables of that length though and I believe most are too stiff to be able to bend back on themselves with such a short length. Has...
  4. Solrighal

    Does this look like a plan?

    Hello everyone. I've always had a few pairs of headphones kicking around but my circumstances have changed somewhat and I'm now going to be spending quite a lot of time using headphones. Two months ago my favourite and most commonly used headphones were a pair of Sennheiser PX100II's. I've since...
  5. Solrighal

    Please help me set up my optimum budget system

    Hello everyone. I've always had a few pairs of headphones kicking around but my circumstances have changed somewhat and I'm now going to be spending quite a lot of time using headphones. Two months ago my favourite and most commonly used headphones were a pair of Sennheiser PX100II's. I've since...
  6. Solrighal

    What can I do with...

    ... an old iPhone 4S? I've upgraded away from iOS to Android and im wondering if there's any way to turn my iPhone into a flac player. Has anyone got any ideas?
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    Optimum Software Gain Level

    Hi folks. I have one question and I suspect the answer may be obvious, but not to me. Here's my portable rig right now... FLAC > Galaxy Note 3 > Neutron > Fiio E18 via OTG USB > V-Moda M -100. Here's my question - what is the optimum gain level I should be using in the Neutron software...
  8. Solrighal

    Mac mini connection

    Hi folks. I have a 2012 Mac mini with four USB3 outputs and one Thunderbolt(?) output. The USB's are all in use so I need to discount them. I've ordered a Fiio E18 for portable use but it would be nice if I could hook it up to the Mac now & again via the unused Thunderbolt port. Has anyone...
  9. Solrighal

    Please help with a shortlist

    Hi good people. I'm looking to buy another pair of headphones and my budget is £100 or less. Here's what I currently own and how I'd describe their sound - 1. Shure SRH-840 (full size closed-back cans which sound generally neutral to my ear). 2. Sennheiser PX100II (lightweight open-back cans...
  10. Solrighal

    PX100II'S and their too thin earpads

    Hi folks. I'm currently using the above headphones with my Galaxy Note 3 and im happy with the sound when I'm out and about. I know it could be better but these headphones are dependable companions for me. I'd really like to upgrade to better cans but with a similar sonic signature for around...
  11. Solrighal

    Discrete PC for living room

    Hi folks. I'm trying to move my music listening from my home office to my living room but I can't get my head around all the options. I've been intending to do this for a while but have always been thwarted because my PC is way too loud for the living room. Well that problem has kinda sorted...
  12. Solrighal

    Furukawa Shines A light For Me

    I thought I'd post this here as there's no more suitable place for it. I've been looking to upgrade from the Shure's in my sig but to do so and get an appreciable improvement over the Shure's out of the Rotel was looking like I'd need to take the plunge and buy an amp too. I was (and still am)...
  13. Solrighal

    Where do I go after Shure SRH840?

    I'm currently using the Shure SRH840's and they're far and away the best cans I've heard. But then I haven't heard many. I'm looking to move up the ladder now though and I'd like to keep with closed cans. My wife agrees, lol. I had been looking at the Beyer DT880's but after reading more about...
  14. Solrighal

    Yet another active monitor question

    Hello everyone. I want to buy a pair of small active monitors for my desktop. They will only be using my M-Audio 2496 souncard as a source and therefore must have RCA phono inputs available. I was initially looking at the Audioengine A2 but while researching those have come across the RKT Rokit...
  15. Solrighal

    Upgrading with future in mind

    Hello folks. I'm currently using a Cowon D2 playing mostly FLAC files via a Fiio E5 into a pair of Shure SRH840's. I think it sounds great at the moment but I know things can only get better. I bought the D2 because at the time it was generally considered to be in the top tier in regards to...
  16. Solrighal

    Best Practise?

    Hello everyone. I just bought my very first headphone amp, a Fiio E5. I know this is as basic as it gets but I wanted to test the waters before shelling out major money. Frankly, I'm amazed at how it's helping out my Shure SRH840's. The Shure's themselves are only a recent (last week) purchase...
  17. Solrighal

    Alternative FLAC Player?

    Hi folks. I own a D2 and love it but recently I upgraded my headphones to IE6's and I'm thinking they're now showing up some weaknesses in the D2. Specifically the bass seems somewhat imprecise. I'd be prepared to buy something else but I MUST have FLAC support. I have a pretty large library...
  18. Solrighal

    Sennheiser IE6 First Impressions

    Hi folks, mugged my wallet again. Background I've been using a pair of Sony MDR-EX70LP's with my D2 quite happily for almost 2 years now. Sure, the bass was overblown and consequently the lower mids were AWOL but the sound was not bad when commuting, where bass can be sucked away...
  19. Solrighal

    Recommend a CD1000 Sound-alike?

    Hi folks. I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD595's about a year ago. They sound pretty good but maybe a tad too clinical for my tastes. What they do lack is any kind of impact in the bass department. Many years ago I had a pair of Sony CD1000's and they were superb! The bass had so much impact...
  20. Solrighal

    Help! I can't afford to lose any more hair!

    Hi folks. I'm trying to set up Foobar to give the absolute best sound it can using the hardware listed in my sig. Up to this point I've been using QCD Player to do this job but since everyone here seems to use Foobar I thought I'd give it a go. Am I right in thinking I need ASIO to get the best...