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    ALO Continental PortableTube Amp

    Hi Ken, Congratulations on your new  portable Amp! ! !    I am using it with an i pod classic and The Solo driving a Beyerdynamic 600 ohm DT-880 Dragon Series V1 with a cryoed Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable. This headphone is usually very hard to drive.   Not with the Continental ! ! ! It is...
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    Headroom has a great Ad of SA6 in Stereophile

    Headroom has a great Ad of SA6 in Stereophile
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    Desktop Amp Options

    Why did you eliminate the max module and max dac options on this Amp?
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    Musical Fidelity V-8

    Has anybody listened to this headphone amp? Comparisons?
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    Balanced Desktop - Power Supply

    How many owners of Balanced Desktop , upgraded the Power Supply with Desktop Power Supply? Were you satisfied with the improvement over the Astrodyne?
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    Ultra-Micro Amp

    Will you have an Ulta-Micro Amp. at Canjam'08?
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    Most Comfortable Ear Canal Headphones

    I would like to get opinions on the most comfortable Ear Canal Headphones [$200-$400 range] for unamped mp3 player that excels at mids and treble. Thank you, Arrowmark
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    Renewal Problem

    I just renewed my head-fi membership and my private message allowance went down to 125. Why?
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    Upgrade cables for AKG 701

    Has anybody tried Moon Audio Black Dragon headphone cable on the AKG 701,balanced or unbalanced?
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    Reference Audiomods

    Does anybody have any player modded by Reference Audiomods? Opinions? Thanks, Arrowmark
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    Marantz SA 8260

    I just started listening to my new Marantz SACD player 2 hours ago. I never thought my Sennheiser HD-600 would ever sound this good!!!!!! I wonder what they will sound like after the Marantz burns in?
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    New Tweak from Mapleshade

    I just got an ionoclast ion generator. It neutralizes the static that builds up on your CD's.It works very well.Increases treble clarity and soundstage space. Another great Tweak from Mapleshade!!!!