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  1. Mortsnets

    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    Built a quick cheap headphone stand out of a redwood board and dowel so most of my headphones are easy to find.
  2. Mortsnets

    Looking for replacement for PM-3? What sounds similar?

    The AQ Nighthawk Carbons are extremely comfortable. I've heard that the Nighowl (closed) are also very comfortable. I can't say they sound a lot like the PM3s - I like them better.
  3. Mortsnets

    Best Headphones under $500 - Recommendations needed.

    I have the Massdrop Senn HD58X Jubilee and the AQ Nighthawk Carbon ($299) both good, easy to drive and different from each other.
  4. Mortsnets

    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Jessica Pratt - Quiet Signs
  5. Mortsnets

    Rank the DACs you have tried

    1. Modi Multibit using coax in with the Signstek coverting from usb 2. Starting Point Systems DAC3 3. Ifi idsd nano le 4. Signstek mini usb dac/converter 5. AQ Dragonfly v1, Schiit Modi v1
  6. Mortsnets

    Repairing Senn HD201

    Thanks for the replies! I'm sure I have a soldering iron somewhere in the garage but my record with diy is consistenly bad, so Headroom has emailed me a copy of the receipt/invoice and I've started the process with Sennheiser. Hope you don't need the original box.
  7. Mortsnets

    Repairing Senn HD201

    My HD201 drops the left signal unless I position the cables just so and then if I move at all it's gone again. Is there a way to repair or replace the cables/wires cheaply?
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