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  1. abhijollyguy

    List of DAPs with stock android OS with an access to Play Store

    Dear head-fi'ers, Need your suggestions. Thank you!
  2. abhijollyguy

    NiceHCK DZX 2+7 or 1+8 - Feedback needed

    Hi! How many of you have listened to the NiceHCK DZX 2+7 or 1+8? How is it? Any comparison with SONY IER-M7? Will appreciate your replies. Thank you!
  3. abhijollyguy

    BGVP DM6 (CT07 - Rose Purple), Tenhz P4 Pro (Carbon Fiber) - From India

    Up for sale are my beloved BGVP DM6 (Rose Purple) and Tenhz P4 Pro (Carbon Fiber). I am from India and would prefer selling it within India but can ship worldwide as well if you can cover the shipping charges. My asking price: BGVP DM6 (Rose Purple): USD140 + $20 (Shipping Charges) Tenhz P4...
  4. abhijollyguy

    Is Opus #11 compatible with SONY NW-A46 MP3 Player?

    Hi I have SONY NW-A46 Player and want to know the compatibility of Opus #11 with this player and also will Opus #11 improve the sound of A46? Thank you!
  5. abhijollyguy

    xDuoo Poke vs Topping NX4 DSD

    Hi guys, Out of these two, which one is better purely based on sound quality. Can anyone compare both of these in sound quality and sound signature please? Thank you!
  6. abhijollyguy

    Portable DAC Recommendation

    Hi All, I am looking for portable DAC only. It should not have amp. I want to stack it up with SONY A46 player. Kindly help. Thank you! Regards, Abhishek
  7. abhijollyguy

    Matrix M-Stage vs. Bravo Audio Ocean vs. Meier Audio Corda JAZZ vs. Little Dot 1+ vs. Little Dot MK III for HIFIMAN HE400i

    Hi guys,   Which one would be the best pairing for HE400i? If you have any other recommendation so let me know. I am looking for a neutral sound with lush mids, deep bass and very slightly rolled off treble.   TIA
  8. abhijollyguy

    Yamaha EPH-100 vs Earsonics SM3 V2 vs Earsonics SM64

    Hello head-fi'ers,   I am currently looking for an upgrade to my EPH-100 but want the same quantity bass with better quality, tightness. Same amount of treble. I cannot stand before sibilance or harsh treble at all. Do not want recessed mids also. Want equal or better separation.   Don't...
  9. abhijollyguy

    Nationite Nanite N2 problem

    Hi all, I am using this wonderful little player Nationite Nanite N2 and till now everything was going fine, but my player stops detecting the memory card(micro SD card) it skips the external media check duing the boot-up, but it used to check it before. Don't know what is the problem, also it...
  10. abhijollyguy

    Canadian Head-Fi'er who can buy Atrio and ship it to me(India)?

    Hi there,   I want to buy Future Sonics Atrio MG7 Pro from the website with an 50% discount coupon, sadly I cannot buy from this website as they don't ship to India.   So If any head-fi'er can buy it and ship it to me (India) so I will be very much thankful to him.   Payment...
  11. abhijollyguy

    Radius HP-TWF11R Pro “DDM” Vs. Sony MDR-ZX700

    As topic says -   Which one is better between Radius HP-TWF11R Pro “DDM” and Sony MDR-ZX700 Sound Quality wise? I know both are different things altogether, One is In-ear headphone and the other one is Circumaural Headphone   Please tell me in detail that how do they compare to...
  12. abhijollyguy

    MF V-DAC VS Audio-gd NFB-2, NFB-3 and NFB-3.1

    Hi Guys, Currently I am using MF V-DAC and thinking If I change my V-DAC with any of the mentioned audio-gd DAC's listed in the title of this thread will help me in increasing SQ? Also What is the Sound Signature of the listed Audio-gd DAC's? I think it's neutral. Is there any significant...
  13. abhijollyguy

    Wants Music like Solar Fields

    Hi guys, as thread title said I want some music like Solar Fields. I love a track name "Sol" from the album "Movements" of "Solar Fields" so I need such tracks which will make u like as u have immersed in the music, u have lost in the music like ambient genre. I hope u all get what I am trying...
  14. abhijollyguy

    Which DAP to buy?

    Hi Guys, I have decided to buy Brainwavz M3 coz I love Warm+Sweet Sound Signature. So now I am also thinking to buy DAP which compliment my brainwavz M3 so well. So far I have decided to buy SanDisk Sansa Fuze or Hippo Gumstick. Which one of these will complement well my brainwavz M3? Please...
  15. abhijollyguy

    Altec Lansing MX5021 3.5mm speaker cable

    Hello Guys, My MX-5021's speaker cable has been lost and now im thinking of getting new one. So which cable will work among these? - Will this cable work?   and - Will...
  16. abhijollyguy

    Floorstanding Speakers OR Studio Monitors?

    Hello Guys, I am in dilemma that whether to chose studio Monitors or Floorstanding Speakers for my Plasma Television. If it's floorstanding speakers so I have chosen two Floorstander Speakers as my budget is under $1000:   1. Paradigm Monitor 7 Floorstanding Speaker 2. Polk Audio TSi500...
  17. abhijollyguy

    Audio Engine A5 OR KRK Rokit Powered 5 Generation 2?

    Guys, I have short-listed 2 studio monitors and very confused between them. I need this speaker for my Plasma Television. I will listen these speakers from about 8-10 feet distance. I need Deep, tight and punchy bass with vocals should be like the singer is singing standing next before me and...
  18. abhijollyguy

    Help in selecting 2.0 Speakers

    Hello guys, I have recently bought Plasma Television and I want to buy 2.0 speakers for this. What I want in a sound is that the vocals should be excellent which do not distort a bit even on full volume of the speakers, Second thing I need is clarity, it should be awesome in clarity and the...
  19. abhijollyguy

    Hippo Gumstick or SanDisk Sansa Clip+

    Which one is the best according to Sound Quality? I will use Brainwavz M2 as a earphone. Expert comments needed and also the user of both these player need ur comments.          
  20. abhijollyguy

    I am in a Daze

    Hello Guys, I have Altec Lansing MX-5021 and the "SupremeFX II Soundcard from Creative LAB" which comes bundled with my motherboard   ASUS Maximus Formula. My confusion starts from here that Whether should I go for ASUS Xonar DX? Will it make huge difference in Sound Quality? The...
  21. abhijollyguy

    Need earphone for Nationite S:Flo 2

    Hi all the Head-fi'ers   I need a earphone for Nationite S:Flo 2.   My sound preferences are:   1. I do not want harshness in treble. I want smooth treble. 2. Want mids like I can clearly hear every single words or lyrics in a song. 3. Bass wants awesome and deep/punchy but also...
  22. abhijollyguy

    Best Sounding MP3 Player

    Hi Guys, helped me a lot to select my sound preference earphones and I have chosen Nu-Force NE-6   now I want the best sounding MP3 Player   Please help me in deciding the best sounding MP3 Player   Best Sounding MP3 Player.         Thanks in advance
  23. abhijollyguy

    How's this Combination?

    I am gonna buy SanDisk Sansa Fuze and NuForce NE-6. So all Head-fi'ers plz contribute ur precious suggestions.   SanDisk Sansa Fuze has 16 ohms and NuForce NE-6 also has 16 Ohms so how will the combination for great sound?
  24. abhijollyguy

    Which Earphone to buy according to my taste?

    Hello Guys, I am the new member of this forum as I have heard so much about   I need earphones and my budget is around $40. Which earphone should I buy according to my taste/preferences:   My sound taste/preferences are:   1) Comfort 2) Detail 3) Deep/tight bass...