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  1. Judge Buff


    Anybody seen or heard from him lately? He's been banned for how long now?
  2. Judge Buff

    WTB AD45048/8397...

    ...already modded to a DIP adapter. PM me. Thanks, Buff
  3. Judge Buff

    $20 for Music

    If someone handed you $20 (or its equivalent in euros, pounds, whatever) and told you that you must spend it on music, what would you buy? Just $20, no more, no less.
  4. Judge Buff

    iPhone Belt Pouch Advice Please

    Happy Holidays, Folks! The bad news is that my wonderful, 5 year-old granddaughter, "Emma the Dilemma" accidentally destroyed my CrackBerry on Christmas Day. For future reference, never let any of those wick/wooden stick, air fresheners spill on anything, especially anything I own... I knew...
  5. Judge Buff

    Mini^3 DIY Tips

    As we say in the South, I'm "fixing to" begin building a Mini^3. I have almost everything in place, I've read tons of threads and other electronic information sites and I've gotten some specific advice from |joker|. I wanted to ask the broader community of head-fi for tips, tricks and/or...
  6. Judge Buff

    Cans to Match PA2V2

    I also have this posted in the Portable Forum, but since I was getting no response there, I copied it here. If i have violated some provision, Herr Mods, chastise me openly and fix it, please My Mrs. and I passed the 21 years mark yesterday and I am using the occasion to justify buying a...
  7. Judge Buff

    Cans for PA2V2 Match

    My Mrs. and I passed the 21 years mark yesterday and I am using the occasion to justify buying a portable amp and a set of cans. I have decided on a PA2V2 because of reviews here and Gary's reputation. I want to spend less than $100 for the headphones. A $160 total for this combo might not...
  8. Judge Buff

    What New TV Show are you Stoked to Watch?

    Okay... I really have missed Leno.
  9. Judge Buff

    Blackberry and S4i Compatibility

    While the Klipsch site talks about iTouch and iPod compatibility, some of us are still BB addicts. How compatible is a BB/S4i partnership?
  10. Judge Buff

    Father's Day... How are you taking care of DAD?

    I really want a new propane grill and I've left enough hints around for it. What are you doing for your dad?
  11. Judge Buff

    AKG IP2 - Real or Fake?

    I recently got a pair off of eBay from an HK vendor, and before all of y'all start telling me that they are fake for that reason alone, just bear with me being a noob for a minute. I know that being boxed with professional looking accoutrements doesn't mean much towards proving being genuine...