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  1. nnordstr

    WTB - ZMF Ori Omni

  2. nnordstr

    WTB - ZMF Ori Omni

  3. nnordstr

    WTB - ZMF Ori Omni

    Hello there. I'm probably going to regret this, in the best possible way of course, but I'm interested in acquiring a set of ZMF Ori/Omni headphones. If interested, I could add some headphones for trade. I have a pair of Meze 99 Classics in walnut and silver with all the accessories and...
  4. nnordstr

    SOLD - JDS Labs El DAC and El Amp Combo for Sale

    Sorry. Sold. Forgot to close this out.
  5. nnordstr

    SOLD - JDS Labs El Amp and El DAC combo for sale

    @i am ralph Here's a link to their blog that shows what they've done in the past:
  6. nnordstr

    SOLD - JDS Labs El Amp and El DAC combo for sale

    It isn't a decal. It is engraved/machined into the amp. They'll do custom engraving if you ask nicely. I saw someone had it on theirs and when I ordered it I asked them to do it for me too. They've had some pretty sweet custom artwork added to their amps. I need to find the links to them.
  7. nnordstr

    SOLD Schiit Modi Multibit For Sale

    Schitt Modi Multibit for sale. Works great. Cosmetically it is fine, with a small scratch on the top, and a couple areas on the front where the artwork is rubbed off. Asking $150, which includes all fees and shipping. PayPal only. Discount for local pick up (Twin Cities). Pictures to...
  8. nnordstr

    Show us your vintage headphones!

    Funny thing happened to me this weekend. A guy on Craigslist was selling some vintage high end stereo gear and had a Stax SR-5 and SRD-6 combo. I didn't have time to check them out in person and started texting with him to see what he was thinking about a sale. I told him I was kind of...