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  1. nevrsumr

    FS: Campfire Andromeda

    For sale Campfire Andromeda B-Stock. These are last year model. These are the last latest version before the current iteration. I am the original owner who purchased them from ALO audio. I never saw one blemish on these after I received them. They were mint to my eyes. They currently have...
  2. nevrsumr

    Sennheiser ie800 ***Purchased new 5/12/2018 - Best Buy*** will pay shipping and fees

    *****SOLD******* I am selling my almost brand new ie800's. I purchased them from Best Buy in May. Selling to keep the habit going. :) These aren't even broken in yet. This is a great entry into the TOTL territory. Legendary bass from single DD and tons of sparkle. Flat cost to buyer. I...