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  1. knivek

    **SOLD** FS: Schiit Bifrost 2 (570 USD shipped for reputable traders)

    Purchased new from Schiit upon release. Shipping from Canada. Looking for 600 USD net to me. **Edit** Comes with remote and power cord as well - no original boxes
  2. knivek

    FS: Schiit Mjolnir 2 with LISST/Factory Tubes and '69 Amperex D Getters

    For sale is a Schiit Mjolnir 2 amp purchased from @KC-130 last year. Comes with original LISST tubes, factory tubes and 1969 Amperex Bugle Boy D-Getter tubes. Ships from Canada - Looking for 575 USD + Shipping costs
  3. knivek

    Focal Dealer in Canada that actually has stock on hand?

    Trying to find an dealer that has a Focal dealer in Canada that has a Focal Arche ON HAND to use the voucher to purchase an arche for 1000USD off. Seems like most of them either don't know what the arche even is or don't stock them...
  4. knivek

    WTB Focal Arche

    Looking to pay around 1600~ USD+shipping to Canada. PM me if you have something not overly used.
  5. knivek

    WTB Focal Stellia

    Please pm me what you have and with your price.
  6. knivek

    *SOLD* WTS NOS Telefunken ECC88 Tubes

    Selling matched pair of NOS Telefunken ECC88 Tubes. Came with a purchase of a Mjolnir2 from user KC-130. I prefer another tube that I have so I will be selling these. I have only put on about 10 hours with these myself prior to that I believe he said they were under 50 hours on his end...
  7. knivek

    WTB Schiit Gungnir Multibit (Shipped to Canada)

    Does not matter if it has USB Gen5. Probably going to be using optical out. PM me with what you have please.
  8. knivek

    Found/Bought new - Thanks

    Need to eliminate some hum from my PC.. so have to run S/PDIF out to a DAC :( Hit me up with your price!
  9. knivek

    WTB Schiit Mjolnir 2 shipped to Canada

    PM with your details.. It was either this or a Liquid Platinum 2..
  10. knivek

    WTB Mrspeakers Aeon Flow 4pin XLR (Canada)

    PM if you have one available for sale. Verified paypal.
  11. knivek

    Proper DAC/AMP Setup with an internal soundcard? (AE-5)

    I am presently running a pair of Aeon Flow Closed from my SoundBlaster AE-5. I am looking into potentially upgrading to a proper AMP/DAC combo. I am newer to the hi-fi scene, so please go easy on me. My questions: Would I just use the line out plug on the soundcard to something like a...