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  1. TheAttorney

    SR009 / WES / BHSE / LL hit the mainstream

    High End headphone systems seem to becoming more accepted in the mainstream hifi press at an accelerated rate. Here's a link to AVGUIDE's review of the WES: Woo Audio WES Electrostatic Headphone Amplifier (Playback 54).   There's a review of the SR009 in the same edition. The most...
  2. TheAttorney

    Dedicated Mains Spur - best of breed?

    In a few months I’ll be moving from a lovely, but impractical, stone cottage into a “normal” full sized house. Apart from gaining my own “music and study” room, I’m finally in a position to plan a dedicated main spurs for my hi-fi. So I’ll be able to compare the value of dedicated spur versus my...
  3. TheAttorney

    School forces classical music onto unruly pupils

    From a BBC news story today, a school has been making unruly pupils listen to classical music during detention. The idea of listening to classical music was so abhorrent to these teenagers that the detention rates fell by over a half. There was more to it than that - it was just one part of...
  4. TheAttorney

    Tranparent: High end cable review

    Introduction This is a purely subjective review of the Transparent "Reference" interconnect cable. The purpose of the review is to give an indication of the differences in sound quality one may expect to hear in the high end cable world – it’s not really about Transparent per se. I’m just...
  5. TheAttorney

    The Stax Broken Thread

    I couldn't resist the pun, but I have managed to break my O2 Mk1 cable by standing on it whilst listening in the dark. The result was a sudden tug of the cable away from the headphone. No visible damage, but (horror of horrors) I now have intermittent lost sound on the LHS channel. At the...