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  1. rkw

    Disappointed with sound from new Nano

    Years ago, I acquired a dying 1st gen iPod mini (pre-Nano!) from my wife. I revived it by replacing the hard disk with a flash drive and installing a new battery. For the past few years, I've been using it only few times a month but it sounded reasonably good unamped with my earbuds: ATH-CM7ti...
  2. rkw

    ATH-CM7/CM7Ti owners: questions +Japanese translation wanted

    I received my ATH-CM7Ti from AudioCubes. A couple of questions:The drivers can be rotated on their mount. Is there a recommendation for setting the angle? If somebody can read the Japanese, please translate. I couldn't figure out how the carrying pouch was meant to be used, and I found the...
  3. rkw

    Ripping the audio from a DVD?

    I have some DVDs of classical music concerts and would like add just their soundtracks to the music library on my computer. What's the best way to create an audio file from a DVD (I just want 2-channel stereo)?
  4. rkw

    Echo Indigo or Total Bithead for my laptop?

    I want to improve headphone playback on my laptop and need easy portability. I did a search but could not find a comparison of the Indigo vs. Bithead. Anybody tried both of them? What other options should I consider? Frustratingly, Stereophile published online reviews of the Total Bithead and...
  5. rkw

    Jude: your impressions of the AKG Hearo 999 Audiosphere II?

    Jude, a couple of months ago you wrote: Quote: I've been using AKG's new HEARO 999 Audiosphere II... it is really an awesome setup -- completely exceeded my expectations. I'll say more shortly. I guess you know my next question.
  6. rkw

    AKG Hearo 999 wireless heaphones

    I wonder if anybody has purchased or heard the new version of the AKG Hearo 999 wireless headphones. I’ve been interested in them for some time because they offer CD quality (44.1/48 kHz) digital wireless transmission. In theory, the sound quality should be as good as wired headphones (subject...