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  1. oldmate

    V-Moda M100 - Roland Aira Variant

    just sold all my unused headphones and on an impulse purchased these as I thought I needed another pair of headphones!! Opened and used for a couple of hours only. Essentially brand new. Receipt provided. Made to commemorate the sale of V-Moda to Roland the Aira's come with XL Cushions...
  2. oldmate

    Beyerdynamic DT1990 Pro

    Bit of an impulse buy and should have gotten the Campfire Cascade. Sums it all up really. Wrong sound signature for me. Really tried to love these as they are just beautifully built and look sensational but I need a little more warmth. Purchased mid February from Minidisc and has the additional...
  3. oldmate

    A public apology re my Ignorance about cables.

    I should probably have posted in the appropriate thread bit I want as many as possible to see this as it was a promise to @jmills8   I should also point out I did personally attack this member on this subject and should not have.   It would appear my objectivity got the better of me re my...
  4. oldmate

    Dignis Case for iBasso DX90

    After a Dignis case for the iBasso DX90 as I just acquired one. Black preferred but Brown OK. Must be new or mint. Must be willling to post to AU though hopefully somebody in AU has one but Don't like my chances. PM to negotiate price. Cheers.
  5. oldmate

    Westone W3

    Excellent condition - you get everything in the photos. All tips supplied are new and unused.   Price includes shipping to anywhere and PayPal fees.
  6. oldmate

    FIIO Scroll Wheel

    Fellow Headfier's,   Let me 1st say this is not a witch hunt. Just a search for honest answers with regard to a hot topic of late, the famous or infamous Fiio Scroll Wheel.   One rule and that is to be if you can entirely honest and dismiss any bias. I say this because I myself love their...
  7. oldmate

    Dunu DN-1000 Mint Condition.

    Purchased 8 months ago and rarely used these days. Probably less than 30 hours all up and always in bed. They never went outside. In absolutely mint condition with all accessories and ear tips. The 1/4 inch adaptor, ear guides, airline adaptor and cable clip were never used.   I have only used...
  8. oldmate

    NAD Viso HP50

    Mint Condition Viso HP50's. Probably around 60 hours all up. No marks, scuffs or scratches. All original retail packaging and accessories included. In addition a V-Moda audio only cable.   $220.00 including postage and PayPal fees.   Reason for sale is I just can't quite get a comfortable...
  9. oldmate

    Bluetooth rig for out and about.

    G'Day All,   As the title suggests I'm looking at a wireless rig for my daily 2 hour walks.   I've come up with the 7th gen iPod Nano and either the Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 or Jabro Rox Bluetooth in ear headphones.Reasons being the Nano is light and has great Blutooth performance and both...
  10. oldmate

    Denon AH-D600 Mint Condition with Forza Audio Works Copper Series HPC Mk2 Cable

    Absolutely mint condition.   Purchased a few months ago (still under warranty) then meticulously burned in with White and Pink noise plus a variety of frequency sweeps for 30 hours although they may need a little more depending on whether or not you believe in this. I'm still not sure but I do...
  11. oldmate

    This auction should be interesting....

    Came across this auction on eBay today whilst browsing for 2nd hand headphones. This, however, is way out of my budget.   Wonder what they will go for.   Thought some people here on Head.Fi might...
  12. oldmate

    Aussie Headfier's - you may be interested in this - Pico Dac/Amp going cheap.

    Came across this on eBay today and thought I would pass it on to my fellow Australian headfier's - looks to be quite cheap. I would have jumped on it myself but I've already spent way too much this year on my addiction.  ...
  13. oldmate

    ATH-M50's or HD 25 1 II's or Ultrasone Pro 750's.

    Now I have my entry level rig and a reasonable set of IEM's I'm after a set of full size cans but living where I do I am unable to audition them but after reading a few threads here I have come up with a choice of 3.   I listen to most genres with the exception of classical and hip hop.  ...
  14. oldmate

    New to headphone Amps

    I am new to the portable music player Phenomenon but I now that I have the bug (and a much thinner wallet it seems) I have been seeing a lot of talk re headphone amps and pics of them, especially in the "show me your headphone stands" thread. What kind of difference can I expect relative to...
  15. oldmate

    Etymotic ER-6I Phones

    Here is my problem - I live in a remote coastal town where most poeple don't know what an MP3 file is let alone an iPod?? I am considering purchasing the Etymotic ER-6i's for a 4th generation 20Gb iPod. As I am unable to listen to them before I buy I would appreciate some comments by members...