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  1. DrivenKeys

    Hifiman HE-560

    Oooohh yeah. I was the second response, please let me know if the first doesn't work out.
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    HiFiMan HE4XX

    Well, they arrived, and I can say it's the best 50 bux I've spent in a long time. It looks as if these were used just long enough for the right channel to go out, then returned, then stored in a hot warehouse. The pads are toast, and why I think the cans were stored hot. Almost all of the glue...
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    The 3D Printer Thread! :D

    Thank you, this is all excellent advice. I'll start with the pla for baffles and prototyping, and upgrade to petg soon. It's pretty amazing the resonant differences. Considering Beyer went abs with the consumer cups, I hoped abs would sound good. I understand the structural differences between...
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    HiFiMan HE4XX

    The LG phones are easy to trick with a short extension and a high impedance adapter. I was worried about these on-the-go, but found it's a super-easy trick. The LG only measures resistance when it detects a physical plug-in. Plug the adapter into the extension, then the extension into the...
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    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    This is one of my favorites so far. Very nice and clean.
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    beyerdynamic DT880 re-cable guide(in progress)

    I agree that you may want to try it yourself, but if you try desoldering a Beyer driver, get lots and lots of practice first. These drivers are famous for their fragility, and it's much easier to permanently ruin the voice coil wire than with most other headphones. I destroyed mine by holding my...
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    DT770 shell with Peerless Vali Driver

    This is exactly what I was looking for. It's been over 20 years since I studied speaker design, and never studied phones. I've known these programs exist, very happy to know this is available. I'm thinking that a dt990 style semi open might be ideal. That can vents only the motor through a...
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    DT770 shell with Peerless Vali Driver

    Well, that's currently way above my head, but it looks like that could help. I've never used any of the software pictured, or the principles mentioned, but look forward to learning. Are there any good reading materials you could recommend? This combo will probably take a back seat for now, as...
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    DT770 shell with Peerless Vali Driver

    Pics will go here, if needed.
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    HE-4XX Planar Repair advice?

    I really hope so. This looks like a returns reseller that put very little time into the listing. Just generic boilerplate description and hastily taken photos with factory packaging. I had just ordered a monoprice m565 as a personal bday gift, then ebay served me this listing I just couldn't...
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    The Headphone Driver Pics Thread

    If you read over Frank's posts, you'll see he's working with very high and exacting standards, with very specific goals and process. I have a feeling that many of us will have a different experience, based on our designs and ears. I dunno about you guys, but I've never even listened to the...
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    Balsa woodies?

    I plan to use some balsa sheet for baffles, and mold a cup with fabric and epoxy. For simplicity and basic preference, I'm ripping off Beyer's dt770 cup and modifying from there. With such great drivers out there for 12 bux, I plan on making a variety...eventually. Whenever I take just a hint...
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    WTB: Broken Beyer drivers, parts, diy stuff

    bump. I'll be fabricating soon, open to ideas. It doesn't have to be Beyer stuff, what have you got?
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    DT990 to DT880 mod

    Bringin the thread back from the dead! That link doesn't work anymore. My 990 has a felt ring. I'm looking for pics of the 880 inside. I've noticed in the pics I can find that some 880 drivers have a fine mesh over the motor, where my 990 appears to have the same mesh over the hole instead...
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    LG V30

    Mine is my 1st LG, so I'm not sure how yours will compare. Juan Bagnell compared them in his review, said it's a significant upgrade. My highest impedance phones are 250 ohm Beyer dt990 Pro. It's powerful, dynanamic, clean and loud at 2/3 volume. I'm not conservative when I say loud, there is...
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    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Ahhhh, thank you. I'm glad to have them, lotsa potential rf probs around here. I'm excited to finally be back in this hobby. I'm thirsty for knowledge, wanna learn this thing. Looking forward to reading all about tubes, etc.
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    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Thank you, I really appreciate your detailed response, and continue to learn. Please forgive my lack of detail. Before I posted at all, I understood the basics of the input resistors before the pot, but just needed to confirm I hadn't missed anything. I've been working with speakers my whole...
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    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Well, now that I'm looking at it, I wonder about the resistors directly after the pot. EDIT Nevermind, I finally re-read the very informative post by yourself explaining the optional parts and grid stop. You are very patient and helpful. I'm still wondering what happens if the resistor values...
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    Finding good low budget headphone drivers on aliexpress

    All good advice, just the kind of stuff I'm looking for. I'm pretty familiar with basic speaker design, but fairly new to headphone tuning. Btw, the 770 is closed back, 880 'semi open', 990 open back. I just plugged the hole the last owner drilled to mod to split cable, so I have no qualms...
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    Panasonic RP-HTF600 velour pad sewing DIY

    Nice sewing! I sadly learned they just discontinued these a few weeks ago. That's why the price skyrocketed, they're collectibles now. They were still selling for the original 35 dollar price one week, the next week they were gone...These have been my daily drivers for a decade, and the...
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    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    I'm sorry to hear it's still not working, I've looked at the pix and it's beyond me. That's unfortunate, I really like this build. It turns out my tubes aren't as bright because they're the type with heat spreaders covering the elements.
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    Finding good low budget headphone drivers on aliexpress

    Yeah, I'm pretty hooked myself. Reach out to them, if you like. They're really nice.
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    Comment by 'DrivenKeys' in article 'Flawless Album Suggestions'

    for funky instrumental jazzy fun: Beastie Boys: The In Sound From the Way Out for testing audio systems for electronica: Sascha: Airdrawndagger for midnight bassy chill: Thievery Corporation: Sounds from the Thievery HiFi more midnight bassy chill: Morcheeba: Big Calm (their first and...
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    dt990 driver in dt770 cup?

    Hi everyone! I have a pair of dt770 editions, and destroyed the left driver. As I was looking around, I think I'm getting a pair of used dt990's instead of a 770 driver. Both are 250 ohm. Has anybody tried 990 drivers in a 770 cup? I'll start with stock 990, and if I don't like it, might give...
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    Cool. I would like to purchase them. I will pm you.