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  1. LDBaha

    *SOLD* XDP-300R (rooted)

    Hey guys. I'm selling my Pioneer XDP-300R becuuse I upgraded to a new Fiio M11. I rooted it and you can install things like doze and greenify to make battery last longer and the device even faster. The root is permanent and causes no issue. The XDP is in perfect condition. The only thing with...
  2. LDBaha

    SOLD: Hidizs AP80

    Hi All, I'm selling my AP80 because I don't use it much. I've had it for a couple of month. It has some minor scratches on the front but that's just the protector and there are 2 replacements more. But overall It's in perfect condition and has all of the accessories. Free shipping within...
  3. LDBaha

    [Sold] Fiio A5

    I am selling my portable combo Fiio A5 and Hidizs AP80. I would love to sell them together if possible. Original packaging and accesories all included. Both are in great condition. Price includes shipping.