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    FS Mayflower O2 + ODAC Combo Unit w/ original and upgraded AC power supplies

    Selling my O2/ODAC combo unit just because I upgraded to a big boy balanced setup. This is the original Mayflower model based on the original O2/ODAC designs. Everything works perfectly, and with the original PSU I'm including an upgraded one that gives wide voltage and amperage swings, allowing...
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    SOLD: Tin HiFi (tinhifi) T4 IEM, free shipping in USA, only $66 (MSRP $99)

    I have a Tin HiFI T4 iem for sale, includes the original box, accessories, everything, almost all of them unused. Asking price includes shipping anywhere in the USA. They sound amazing, they just sound really similar to a few other IEMs I have. Shipping worldwide is available but would cost an...
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    FS: LZ A5 hybrid IEM with interchangeable filters, $99

    Selling my LZ A5 in excellent condition. Comes with original case, tips, cable, IEMs, and red/silver/gray filters. Missing black filter. MSRP $259, no longer made. A true treble king! Shipping and PayPal fees in the USA are included in the asking price; shipping internationally is available at...
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    SOLD!: ADV (Advanced) Sound bundle - M4, 1M, Elise - All for $49 shipped

    Selling these three fantastic IEMs as a bundle only. First, we have the M4 which came out in 2016 and was (and still is) one of the best micro-drivers made for the price point, MSRP being $49 alone. It comes with its original box and many (but not all) original accessories. Next we have the...
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    FS: Brainwavz B400 $129, Mee Audio "Planamic" $129

    Mee Audio "Planamic" Planar/Dynamic hybrid technology IEM: Black. Includes original box and all accessories nearly-new. $129 (MSRP $199) Brainwavz B400: Black. Four driver masterpiece. Headphone, tips, cable, and soft case only. $129 (MSRP $199) Final E4000: Black. Includes original box and...
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    FS: $99 FiiO M7 w/ 256GB MicroSD, Powerhouse portable touchscreen bluetooth Android DAP, LDAC, AptX HD, FM Radio, etc

    Gently used in excellent condition, includes original box and all accessories. Silver color. As can be seen here: Also includes an (obviously genuine) 256GB MicroSD from Lexar, purchased new directly from
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    WTB: Ibasso IT01

    Welcome all! I'm searching for an Ibasso IT01. Any working condition is fine. I don't even need the original cable or eartips. Let me know any offers you all have, and thanks!
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    Ruizu A50 micro DAP / MP3 + FLAC Player, All metal housing and tiny

    Made seeable here: Rose-Gold Color. Comes with original box, charging/transfer cable, and all other accessories. Suitable for presenting as a gift. **Will need a MicroSD card to use**. A wonderful, tiny player that gives...
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    SOLD!! Zorloo ZuperDAC Aluminum Unibody USB 24-bit DAC (Silver)

    Awesome little portable DAC made to compete with products like the Dragonfly. Manufacturer product page here: Head-Fi product reviews page here: Selling just the USB DAC itself, threw the tiny shipping...
  10. soundstige

    SOLD!! Monoprice M560 Planar Magnetic On/Over-Ear headphones

    Nearly new in original box with all original accessories including hard (ish) zipper case. No trades. $149 including PayPal fees and shipping anywhere in the USA. International shipping possible at extra costs. Contact me for more info or to buy. Thanks!
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    SOOOLD! Fostex T50RP (semi-open) MK3 (mk iii, newest version) Planar Magnetic with Upgraded Shure Ear Pads

    Already has the upgrade Shure earpad mod so you don't have to suffer through the stock pads. Mint condition. No box, just headphones, Shure pads, and cable with 1/4" adapter. No trades. $135 including PayPal fees and shipping anywhere in the USA. International shipping possible at extra costs...
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    SOLD! Sennheiser HD600

    The classic Sennheiser HD600, arguably their best headphone under $700. Excellent condition with nearly-new pads. Comes only with aftermarket (nice quality) 4-foot cable, not original 12+ foot one. No trades. $189 including PayPal fees and shipping anywhere in the USA. International shipping...
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    SOLD! Vsonic GR07X

    Blue color. Revised "X" version of the best thing going, the GR07 biocellulose driver. Sky blue color. $199 MSRP. Comes with original box, tips, extension cable, and papers. No trades. $129 including PayPal fees and shipping in USA. International shipping available at extra cost. PM me for more...
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    FS: Trinity Atlas and Trinity Phantom Sabre Tuneable IEMs, both nearly new in Box

    I have for sale two awesome Trinity Audio Engineering IEMs, the Atlas and Phantom Sabre. The Atlas is a water-resistant dual-driver hybrid metal-body design IEM, and the Phantom Sabre is a dual-driver dynamic metal-body design IEM. Both have a tuneable filter system to widely change the sound...
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    FS: Pioneer CH5T, Advanced M4, DUNU Alpha + over a dozen $10 IEMs

    Selling some extras I have that need better homes where they can be appreciated the way they deserve. All prices include PayPal fees and shipping in the USA. DUNU Alpha IEMs My price: $50 MSRP: $100 Comes with original box and tips. Excellent condition, no issues. Advance M4 micro-driver IEMs...
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    SOLD - Audeze EL-8 Open Back Planar Magnetic Headphones, USA Free Ship

    Selling my Audeze Open EL-8. They just don't get as much listening time as they deserve. Overall A- condition. Comes with original box and all accessories. They are the 2016 white box version. Free shipping anywhere in the USA with tracking and insurance, and PayPal fee included. Save 4% if you...
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    FLC8s with all accessories/box (blue color)

    Price is firm. Everything is included and in perfect condition. They just don't get as much use as they should! Price includes shipping anywhere in the USA. Add 4% for PayPal or pay as gift/personal. International shipping is fine but it will cost an additional ~$40 USD or so.
  18. soundstige

    iFi iCan Micro Amplifier, includes original box/accessories

    Perfect working condition. Beautiful amp with extremely powerful drive-ability. Includes all original accessories. PayPal and USA shipping is included in asking price. If you have any questions or would like to buy, send a PM. Thanks!
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    Zero Audio Carbo Singolo and Carbo Doppio - with original box, some accessories - Free USA Ship!

    As stated in title. I have a Singolo and Doppio available for sale. The Singolo is $30 and the Doppio is $75. Free shipping in the USA. Both come with the original box, though in slightly worn condition. They will come with as many original accessories as I can find, at least some tips. Payment...
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    Flare Audio R2A (Black) with original box and accessories - Free USA shipping!

    As listed in title! Works great, sounds great, just pairing down. Kickstarter #371 if that matters to anyone. Free shipping anywhere in the USA. PayPal gift/personal, or add 3% for a regular payment. Thanks!
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    Sennheiser HD598 + upgraded locking sheathed portable-length cable

    I'm selling my Sennheiser HD598 in excellent used condition. It has an upgraded cable this is sheathed and tangle-proof, shorter so it's not always in the way, and still locks in the headphone -- very well made. The original box is available for a $10 additional shipping charge. Otherwise, you...
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    Objective Amplifier O2 + USB ODAC Combo Unit by Mayflower Electronics (JDS labs schematic)

    I'm selling my Mayflower O2+ODAC in perfect working order. It includes a gold-plated USB cable, clean and clear sounding power adapter, and the amplifier/dac itself.   On the front of the amp there are the 15 VAC input, power switch, (headphone) out, on LED, volume pot knob, gain switch, and...
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    Sennheiser HD598 Headphones with Box, original cable, and upgraded shorter 3.5mm cable -- Free Ship!

    Welcome! I'm selling my Sennheiser HD598 in great, lightly used condition. It includes the box, the original (massively long, 1/4"-terminating) cable, and an upgraded aftermarket cable that is only 3-4ft long and terminates in a more widely-used 1/8" connector. Shipping is included to anywhere...
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    iBasso DX50 24-bit/96khz Portable Media Player + 64GB MicroSD + OTG adapter (for 100s+ GB storage) -- Free Ship!

    Welcome! I'm selling my iBasso DX50 audio player in great condition. Lightly used for a few months, it includes the original box, original coaxial and audio interconnect cables, a generic USB cable to charge and transfer data, and a high-speed 64GB microSD card with full size SD adapter. Also...
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    Vsonic GR07 Classic Edition - Silver - Nearly New In Box, Free Shipping!

    Welcome! I'm selling my Vsonic GR07 in fully functioning, near-new condition (i.e, lightly used for about 5 hours). They include the original box, soft case, L M and S black tips, and 3 multi-colored M tips. Any other accessories are not present. Shipping is included in the asking price, and...