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  1. noknok23

    [WTB] 3.5mm interconnect cable

    Hello I'm looking for a very short, rock solid 3.5mm cable interconnect for my stack DAP+amp, if any DIYer based in Western Europe see this.. please PM :)
  2. noknok23

    Earbuds: Cypherus Campfred1, Blur "black witch" 300ohm, K's 300 Samsara, TY HI-Z 150s

    I am selling a couple of earbuds I don't use enough in order to fund my next TOTL earbud :) Blur 300 ohm - like new SOLD K's 300 samsara - like new SOLD SEAHF F650S like new 50€ TY HI-Z 150s !2.5mm BALANCED PLUG! like new 20€ eKing FULL like new 20€ IEM Venture Electronics DUKE 2.5mm !BALANCED...
  3. noknok23

    looking for earbuds, earphones that suits listening to experimental, noise, field recording, ambient, new age, techno

    Hi, i'm looking for earbuds more natural and detailed. I was thinking maybe the Zen 2.0 from VE would be good but maybe there is other things?   As DAP, I used to have the cowon j3 which was too bulky to my taste, I found out I rather have very small devices so I got a sansa clip zip...