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  1. mochill

    Vsonic AN16

    What do you have in that box of stuff😁
  2. mochill

    FiiO FH3 || FiiO‘s Latest 2 BA 1 Dynamic Driver Hybrid Earphones Is Officially Released!

    I have fd1 and hope for a bit more bass
  3. mochill

    The retro IEM thread. Lets talk about our old discontinued IEMs

    Still have some oldies , they are all still good .
  4. mochill

    Earbuds Round-Up

    Did you try to clean to plug and connector ?
  5. mochill

    BEST Sub-100$ BUDGET EARPHONES - Chi-fi, Obscure brands and impressions sharing-REFERENCE LIST

    Perfect is when you stop analysing the music and just get lost in it :-D
  6. mochill

    The discovery thread!

    Also periodic be
  7. mochill

    Earbuds Round-Up

    #Aliexpress Let's shop together on AliExpress with new user coupons Your US $1.00 in coupons are here! First modular earbud :-O
  8. mochill

    MOFASEST Trio. Dedicated thread. Post your thoughts.

    I think it is estat not electret . They have and power supply
  9. mochill

    7Hz Impressions & Discussion

    I have some iem with similar graph , they are sound real
  10. mochill

    JadeAudio EA1 (Beryllium-Plated Single Dynamic IEM)

    I will definitely get this
  11. mochill

    FiiO FD1 - 10mm 1DD IEM

    I'm also gonna get these 😁
  12. mochill

    7Hz Impressions & Discussion

    Yes , it's not moondrop it's tri