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  1. Xinze

    Shure SE-535 Bronze

    Excellent condition, bought it from here at   Gently used, comes with everything listed on the link above. Will add in a couple sets of Comply foams (Medium) for free.     Picture is from...
  2. Xinze

    Shure SE-535 Bronze Excellent Condition.

    I bought it from and it's the exact same as when I've gotten it.   Selling because I only listen to music while exercising and I have cheaper pairs of IEMs I use instead, so these get nowhere...
  3. Xinze

    [WANTED] Stereo speaker amplifier

    Looking for a clean, relatively small two-channel speaker amplifier. PM me your model and the condition + age, with asking price and pictures.   Looking to spend up to $150, but anything cheaper will be considered.
  4. Xinze

    Question about speaker terminals?

    I installed new speakers in my car using the preinstalled wires. Each wire was a different color and I mixed up the +/- terminals.   Assuming all the wires are connected to the amp/headunit correctly, does it matter which terminal it goes into the speaker? If there is no difference between the...
  5. Xinze

    [FS] JDS Labs O2/ODAC combo unit silver

    As named. Good condition, no major scuffs but small signs of wear and tear.   Functions perfectly. More pictures upon request, reasonable offers will be considered.   Price includes shipping, buyer pays paypal fees.       V moda sold
  6. Xinze

    Trading < 1 month old V-Moda M100 (Shadow) for decent condition Sennheiser HD650

    I've got V-Moda M100 in pristine condition that's around two weeks old with the box, manuals, cables, and etc.   I'm looking for HD650 in decent condition and not too used.   We each pay our own shipping. PM me if interested.
  7. Xinze

    [FS] Almost new Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook w/touchscreen, i7, SSD, and more

    Selling a perfect condition Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with following specs: Touchscreen Core i7-4500u 8gb ram 256gb SSD Windows 8.1 It's about half a year old, but has been sitting around unused for about the entire time. There's not a scratch on it. Almost identical version (different...
  8. Xinze

    FS: White RSA Predator portable DAC/amp - LIFETIME WARRANTY

    For sale: A RSA predator I bought earlier this year. I've used it for around 60 hours and it's audio quality is flawless with both my Hifiman Re-400 and Unique Melody Miracles.   I carefully cleaned up the unit and would give it a 7/10 for physical condition. There is a small scrape on the...
  9. Xinze

    UM Miracle < 1 year old

    For Sale: UM Miracle that was manufactured 6/20/2013, under one year ago.   Has received moderate use, sound quality is as good as the day it came.   Reason for selling: I accidentally chipped the left acrylic when cleaning. Not that it matters, it'll be needing reshelling anyways to fit...
  10. Xinze

    FS: RSA Predator portable dac/amp INSANE PRICE

    For sale: A RSA predator I bought from here a few months ago. It has received about 50 hours of use from me. Selling because I don't listen to that much music anymore.    The audio quality is perfect, on par if not better than my previous Pico dac/amp.  Physical condition is about 6.5/10...
  11. Xinze

    FS: Perfect condition Beyerdynamic T90 3 month old.

    Perfect condition, as pictures indicate.   Bought shortly before Christmas, I have everything it came with. Selling because I prefer IEMs and speakers instead of full size headphones.   Under 100 hours of use.   Also available, Schiit Vali and Modi, same age, also for sale with $20...
  12. Xinze

    Pico DAC/AMP Mint

    Bought a little over a month ago from   Received light/moderate use since then, condition remains mint. Pictures remain identical from previous thread. It's as good as the reviews everywhere say they are, zero hiss and no...
  13. Xinze

    WANTED: Schiit M&M Stack. Preferred flawless condition.

    Title says all. Please adjust offered price accordingly for cosmetic damages.   Asking for >3 feedback. Price inclusive of shipping to New York.   Thanks :)
  14. Xinze

    My experience with Head-Fi, containing enjoyment, disappointment, curiosity, and a rant.

    Apologies in advance for incorrect grammar and poor styling; It's why I'm studying engineering instead of English.   There are headphone reviews everywhere on the internet. Online reviewers, Youtube videos, and other 'audiophile' websites. I inevitably stumbled across Head-Fi: The largest and...
  15. Xinze

    Leckerton UHA-6S.MKII

    Bought from a previous head-fier. Partially quoted from his post:   "I'm selling my Leckerton Audio UHA-6S.MKII, ordered January 24, 2013   My Leckerton Audio UHA-6S.MKII has the 209 op-amps and is the low-gain version (low gain is -18db, high is 0db), which is an option you can request from...
  16. Xinze

    Asus Xonar STX w/upgraded op-amps

    For sale: Asus Xonar STX in perfect condition (minus a bit of dust from sitting in my computer case) that was bought exactly one year ago brand new off Amazon.   Comes with LME49720 op-amps and box with manuals and etc. Pictures can be taken upon request, but it's exactly the same as any...
  17. Xinze

    HifiMan He-400 Rev 4 w/minor cosmetic damage

    For sale: Pair of He-400 purchased from another Head-Fier around 5 months back. Original invoice and box included along with velour pads, leather pads, and extra headband.   Has received mild-moderate use, sitting at my computer desk plugged into the soundcard. Selling because I'm heading...
  18. Xinze

    Interest Check: Asus Xonar STX

    Asus Xonar STX one year old, stayed in my computer case the whole time minus one changing of op-amps.   Comes with original op-amps and one extra set (cost somewhere around $15). Picture shouldn't be necessary because it's exactly the same as any stock image.   Would anyone be...
  19. Xinze

    Westone 4 Like New FREE SHIPPING

    Selling a pair of Westone 4s I bought a couple months ago off of this thread:   Picture is same as his original because nothing has changed at all. Selling because I need funds for a CIEM. All...
  20. Xinze


    Bought just for testing and has received minimum use since then.   Again, perfect condition, except for the small barely-noticeable chip and SLIGHTLY stiff earpads.    Price includes Paypal Fees, and shipping.  ...
  21. Xinze

    Beyerdynamic DT770 PRO 250ohm Superb condition

    Has been sold for asking price.
  22. Xinze

    Marginal Benefits of a CIEM

    Hello Fellas,    I've got a strong urge of upgraditus and I feel like digging into the CIEM market.   Does anyone know if the $600 for a 4 driver custom sound that much better than a Westone 4 ($300)?   I've got my eyes on either the UM Mage ( 4-Driver, $639), 1964 Ears V6 (...
  23. Xinze

    Westone 4 Alternative?

    Hey Guys   I bought a Westone 4 off another head-fier here a few months ago, and I've been generally happy with it.    However, the sound has been getting, somewhat boring for me (I've heard lots of people comment on it's boring sound). It's too.. natural.    So now, I'm looking for...
  24. Xinze

    FS: Monster Miles Davis Tribute exc. condition

    Monster Miles Davis Tribute in excellent condition, comes with one carrying pouch and monster super tips.   Estimated 50-75 hours of use, perfect sonic condition. Unfortunately I do not have the box, receipt, or manuals.    Pics available upon asking, $90 + shipping, paypal fees...