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  1. nismo96

    SOLD: AKG K701

    I've got a pair of AKG K701s for sale. I got these from a Head-Fier earlier this year. The serial# is 1411. These cans are terrific, but I find that I'm a portable listener more than a home user and they just don't get enough use so they need to go. The box, headphone stand, 3.5mm adaptor, and...
  2. nismo96

    SOLD: Headamp AE-2

    I bought this Headamp AE-2 from a Head-Fier about eight months ago and have loved it ever since I got it. I find that I'm not using it much anymore so I'm looking to send it to a new home. I've compared it to the Xin Supermacro, Supermini, and a couple of homemade amps. I prefer it's very flat...
  3. nismo96


    I'm happy to start the feedback thread for Pikachoa. He was a great person to deal with. Quick payment and good communication through a rough spot in our transaction. I'd happily deal with him at anytime.
  4. nismo96

    FS: 8GB Creative Zen

    I am selling my 8gb Creative Zen player. I've got too much gear laying around and this has seen little use since I bought it back in late 2007. It's still in great condition and will ship with the original box and accessories. SOLD
  5. nismo96


    I bought a pair of headphones from northshore. He was easy to deal with and the phones arrived exactly as described. I'd be happy to do business with him anytime.
  6. nismo96


    I bought some IEMs from Senad and it was a great experience. He communicates well and ships out fast. He's an A+ in my book.
  7. nismo96

    FOUND: SR225s

    I'm looking for a pair that's in pretty good shape. Please PM me if you have a pair that you're looking to get rid of. *** FOUND *** Thanks for looking.
  8. nismo96

    FOUND: AKG K701s

    Please PM me if you're looking to sell a pair of K701s. Thanks.
  9. nismo96


    I sold cruisaire a mp3 player. He paid quickly and has been a great guy to deal with. I'd gladly do business with him again.
  10. nismo96

    SOLD: Black 30gb Zune

    I bought this Zune a couple of months ago from It's a black refurb. I'll include the Zune, packaging and accessories minus the small felt bag. I'll also throw in a Caselogic Zune case and a 1st gen Zune dock. The Zune is in perfect condition because it's been babied from the first day...
  11. nismo96

    FS: ALO Copperdock

    I've got an ALO Copperdock for sale. I've had it for roughly two months and put about 20-40 hours on it. I'm looking to sell it for $50 shipped in the CONUS. I'll ship elsewhere for the cost of shipping. I'll post pics up soon.
  12. nismo96

    FS: Xin Supermacro

    I picked up a Xin Supermacro from a forum member a month or two back, but I find that I use my other portable amp far more. So this little guy needs to go to a new loving home. The amp will come with a Radio Shack wall wart as well as the necessary rechargeable batteries. I'll put up some...
  13. nismo96


    I sold c.zhou57 some headphones last week. He paid promptly and was a pleasure to do business with.
  14. nismo96


    I sold some headphones to 3x331m recently. He paid quickly and was easy to deal with.
  15. nismo96

    FS: K81DJ, MDR-V6, MDR-710SL

    It's time to thin out my headphone collection in order to make room for bigger and better things. The AKG K81DJs are sold. The MDR-V6s are sold. I'm selling my Sony MDR-710SL phones. Super small, nice sound that is comparable to the PX200s, and they have a short cord for those of you...
  16. nismo96


    I bought an iPod from JR today. We met in person to do a cash deal. The Pod looks as good as new and works like a charm. This was a great transaction. Feel free to deal with him.
  17. nismo96


    fellows purchased a pair of headphones from me. He paid quickly and is a fine person to do business with.
  18. nismo96

    FS: Sony MDR-G74SL

    I've found that these phones don't fit me very well and they get no use, so I've decided to sell them. The asking price is $30 USD including shipping to the CONUS. The packaging for the phones will be included as well.
  19. nismo96


    Gator12090 bought a pair of PX100s from me. His payment was swift and he notified me immediately after arrival of the phones. He's a good buyer, I'd do business with him again.
  20. nismo96

    FS: Sony ECM-DS70P Microphone

    I have a new in the box ECM-DS70P that I do not need as I already have one. I'd like to sell it for $45 including shipping to the ConUS. I'll ship elsewhere but we'll have to discuss shipping options and additional fees. Please PM me if you're interested in purchasing the mic.
  21. nismo96


    I bought a Sony minidisc recorder from Musicmans and it arrived today exactly as described. Musicmans communication and courteousness throughout the entire transaction has been terrific. I'd never hesitate to do business with him again.
  22. nismo96

    Are you interested in attending a Chicago meet in May?

    BHD812 and I will be hosting a meet in the Chicago area. We're jonesing really, it's been only three weeks since Billy got to see you all, and almost a year for me. I guess we're just gluttons for punishment. The target date is May 14th and the planned location will be Billy's folk's bar. It's...
  23. nismo96

    FS: Clone amp

    I bought this amp used from this site, however it's just not for me. I'm looking at getting a more portable model sometime. For now I'm offering this amp for sale with 4 rechargable 9V batteries and a charger that will charger two batteries at once. The amp is in excellent shape and so are the...
  24. nismo96

    Have you bought anything from Audiocubes?

    I need to talk to a couple of people who purchased something from Audiocubes. PM me here or IM me, my info is in my profile. I need to talk to a few people by later this evening.
  25. nismo96

    IC: Sony MZ-R50 minidisc recorder

    I'm not really using my MZ-R50 at all. I find that I have too many LP2 discs lying around that aren't compatible with the R50. It's in good condition and will come with the remote, AA battery case, Li-ION battery (I don't think that it'll hold a charge though), and a felt bag. I'd like to see if...