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  1. dfrost

    Fischer Audio DBA-02 Tips

    I use Shure "grey soft flex tips" (they are single flange )on my DBA-02's. I'm still on the first pair after about two years of heavy use. The same size you use in the OEM tips will work for the Shure tips. I've also used some large dual flange, also Shure I believe, but prefer the single...
  2. dfrost

    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    I've been using Shure "grey soft flex" silicon tips on my DBA-02's for the last 2+ years (same pair!). Pretty sure those were also the tips that Joker recommended in his review. They can be found less expensively at "Earplug Superstore". Use the same size as what worked for you in the OEM...
  3. dfrost

    JVC HA-FXT90 Thread

    I like the short dual flange tips that come in the MEElec M11+ tip kit. That kit includes them in three sizes, and I prefer their fit and security in my ear over the JVC stock large single flanges. I also feel that they keep the bass in better balance with the rest of the spectrum.
  4. dfrost

    Good, cheap IEM's on Amazon with inline Mic?

    Most of the MEElectronics line is available on Amazon. Any MEElec IEM with a "--P" designation includes an inline mic/remote. As for sound quality, look at joker's compendium of reviews, which includes most of the MEElec line. Theyare known for good build quality and excellent customer...
  5. dfrost

    Got the Brainwavz B2...but need more thump!

    Quote: I'd say the JVC FXT90's maintain much of the clarity and mid/treble capability of B-2's, and add considerably more thump/bass impact. They have a thicker note presentation and consequently less "air" and instrument separation than B-2/DBA-02's. I go back and forth between them...
  6. dfrost

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    I use similar sources and would not consider them low-end, except for the pretty poor built-in EQ, which I leave off. Even with my old ears, the SQ differences that |joker| and ClieOS describe are very discernible. You prefer music with female vocals plus the piano and classical mentioned,so...
  7. dfrost

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    I used those Shure grey soft flex tips on DBA-02's for several years and they work well, and stay very secure on the nozzles, unlike the OEM single flanges. I get just a tiny bit better balance with the large dual flanges shown in my avatar (basically a big triple flange with the smallest flange...
  8. dfrost

    Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

    I have Fischer DBA-02's modified with Westone sockets (see my avatar), which allows me to very easily switch polarity on these BA IEMs. I visited that polarity-check website and tried all the tests, using one of the connectors in both configurations. At best I heard only tiny differences, and...
  9. dfrost

    Brainwavz B2 Impressions & Discussion Thread

    To all of you with cable worries, I used my original Fischer DBA-02's for more then 1.5 years with original black/white twisted cable including many sweaty hours under a hot sun while rebuilding my deck two years ago. The cable held up fine throughout that period and only started stiffening...
  10. dfrost

    need a decent sounding iem with removable wires!!

    Another alternative would be to use BTG Audio to modify IEM's to add Westone plugs. He has done that to quite a few types with great success and quick turn-around time. His website shows many of those. I'm using DBA-02's right now with a Westone EPICS MIC cable and love 'em.
  11. dfrost

    Looking for guidance on recabling effort for Shure E500

    Try BTG-Audio. Brian has done lots of recabling jobs with great quality and quick turn-around, and might be able to add Westone sockets, if you'd prefer.
  12. dfrost

    Questions About Built-In Westone Over-Ear Cable Guides

    I'm using and really appreciating the new Westone EPICS MICS cable on BTG-Audio modified Fischer DBA-02's, and trying to decide if I like the soft wire inside the cable sheath. It is easily formed/reformed to shape, and the clear sheath will prevent cable stiffening in this area, the problem...
  13. dfrost

    JVC HA-FXT90 Thread

    Quote: With short double flange tips (MEElec M11+ or Sennheiser), the FXT90 fit for me is deeper and more secure, but the sound signature is as good (moderated mid-bass) as I've found with other tips. They would certainly be secure enough for my gym use, but I still prefer something cheaper...
  14. dfrost

    new to Head-Fi.. trying to decide between Gr07, Gr01, DBA-02, ATH CKM500, FXT90, EPH-100 and maybe RE-262. all opinions appreciated

    The stock JVC tips are pretty good. I found that a size larger then normal worked well to keep the bass in balance, but the fit security wasn't always great. Now I'm using short double flanges from the MEElec M11+ set. BTW, the single flanges in that kit seem to be identical to those provided by...
  15. dfrost

    Need new IEM advice

    You could get any Westones that have removable cables and also purchase their EPICS cable.
  16. dfrost

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Quote: I switch back and forth between FXT90's and Fischer DBA-02's every week or two. Joker has done his usual excellent job succinctly describing the differences, although I find the midrange to be wonderful and similarly forward on both. I notice soundstage and instrument separation a...
  17. dfrost

    new to Head-Fi.. trying to decide between Gr07, Gr01, DBA-02, ATH CKM500, FXT90, EPH-100 and maybe RE-262. all opinions appreciated

    Quote: The underline was in contrast to your comment about FXT90's being bass light. No argument that many IEM's have more bass than DBA's, which I found to have a nice balance across the spectrum.   My bottom line would be that both DBA-02's and FXT90's are really listenable, agreeably...
  18. dfrost

    JVC HA-FXT90 Thread

    The JVC stock tips look very much like MEElec single flanges, such those in their M11+ set. I find that the short double flanges from that kit give me the most balanced sound and secure fit. Sennheiser CX300 uses an identical tip, but it's pretty expensive with shipping for a single pair.  ...
  19. dfrost

    JVC HA-FXT90 Thread

    Quote:   They would be fine for that in my ears. I find that they fit better/deeper if worn cable-up (without switching sides), and the short bi-flange MEElec or Sennheiser tips work perfectly with that fit arrangement while also controlling the bass.
  20. dfrost

    quality iems with proven mic

    Westone now has this cable with microphone and single button remote.
  21. dfrost

    A newbie from the UK looking for some help

    Have you looked at joker's extensive reviews, which includes several customs, as well as many other threads like this one dedicated to custom IEMs?
  22. dfrost

    JVC HA-FXT90 Thread

    Quote: For more but still tight bass and no loss of mids or treble, the RadioShack version of Sony Hybrids and short biflanges like those in the M11+ set sealed easily and displayed the bass very nicely, if slightly more than my preference.  
  23. dfrost

    JVC HA-FXT90 Thread

    Quote: Just about any track that hasn't been mixed as bass-heavy sounds great on these. (Can you tell I'm not a bass-head?) I find that most albums mixed by T-Bone Burnett are bass-heavy and sound better on something brighter like my DBA-02's.   The FXT90's particularly shine on...
  24. dfrost

    where to buy Jays silicone tips?

    Stereotype Audio is apparently an online supplier of Jays tips, located in Ontario, Canada.