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  1. billymav

    Australian Tour & Impressions - Astrotec AX60 - Hybrid 3-way Universal IEM (2 x BA + Dynamic Driver)

    As the title suggests guys and gals, we're organising an Australian tour of the Astrotec AX60 Hybrid 3-way Universal IEM.   Here's your chance to experience the AX60 and write some impressions within this thread.   A brief description on the AX60:   Australian RRP is $399   The Astrotec...
  2. billymav

    JDS Labs and digiZoid now available in Australia!

    We're proud to announce the excellent range of headphone amps by JDS Labs from Illinois, USA is now available in Australia. JDS Labs began in 2007 as a way to put a name behind the cMoyBB headphone amplifier. Although John Seaber, President and Electrical Engineer, only expected to sell a few...
  3. billymav

    Buy the HiSoundAudio RoCoo P DAP and receive the excellent Crystal IEM’s free ($99 value)

    In partnership with HiSoundAudio, we would like you to experience the excellent and affordable RoCoo P Digital Music Player along with the highly regarded Crystal IEM’s. Price of the RoCoo P is $179 AUD, and you will receive the Crystal IEM’s free ($99 value).   Shipping costs are...
  4. billymav

    Studio V: One of the Best DAP + Portable amplifiers in the Market? - Try it with 50% discount!

    As an introductory offer in becoming a Head-Fi sponsor, Noisy Motel in partnership with HiSoundAudio are offering you the chance to experience the high-end audiophile grade HiSoundAudio Studio-V Digital Music Player at 50% off the normal retail price.   Retail price of the Studio-V is $379...