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  1. Gosod

    Unique Melody Merlin Universal Needs Repair

    Headphones are on sale and they need repair! Bass speaker problem! When you make it louder then sound distortion starts! Sale for spare part or repair! As I mentioned before, the Merlin is a 3-way design. It uses dual balanced armature drivers for highs, dual BA drivers for mids, and a single...
  2. Gosod

    F/S Sony XBA A3

    For sale excellent headphones Sony XBA A3. They work perfectly without a technical defect, the external state has rubbed off a little but it's not too bad, you can look at the photos. Shipping includes! * Headphones. * 2 Cable. * 6 pairs of replaceable tips. * Pouch for storage. * Box...
  3. Gosod

    F/S Earsonics SM64 + Cutom Copper Cable

    Hello. For sale excellent headphones Earsonics SM64. Headphones in perfect condition. MUSICALITY With its new HQ crossover process with impedance corrector and its new combination of drivers, the SM64 provides a balanced spectrum and this at any intensity. It makes it very musical and accurate...
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  5. Gosod

    FS Westone UM PRO50

    Hello! I selling Westone UM PRO50 Clear, they find in excellent condition! Come with all the accessories shown in the pictures! I bought them from another member about 6 months ago! Prices include PPL fee and shipping cost to CON US. No trades. Thanks. Gosod
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  7. Gosod

    [SOLD] Earsonics SM64 + Custom Litz Cable

    Hello. For sale excellent headphones Earsonics SM64. Headphones in perfect condition. Discussion:>>> Custom Cable The basis of the conductor in this cable is a copper multicore litz of the factory (USA), in kapron...
  8. Gosod

    [SOLD] Sony Walkman NW A35!

    Hello, for sale player Sony NW A35. He walks in excellent working condition, on the sides there are scratches (see photo). All accessories are delivered, as in the photo. Discussion.>>> Shipping Worldwide and paypal fees are...
  9. Gosod

    For Sony Walkman Dock Cable L5

    Hello! For sale Copper Cable L5 For Sony Wakkman From Astral Audio, manufactured in Japan. This is solid and high-quality copper! At the sound when compared with a complete cable from Fiio then from Astral Audio we get more bass and surround sound. Delivery with tracking number and paypal fees...
  10. Gosod

    [SOLD] Sliver Cable

    Hello! Silver cable for sale! It is in excellent condition and betrays a blazing sound but I sold my amplifier and decided to sell the cable. Shipping worldwide and paypal fees are included in the price!
  11. Gosod

    FS: Westone UM PRO30, Gen 2., Like New!

    For sale Westone UM PRO30, Gen 2. You can read reviews: The headphones are in excellent working condition, it looks like the photo. Comes with all accessories. Shipping includes. 1. Headphones 2. Complete...
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    The basis of the conductor in this cable is a copper multicore litz of the factory (USA), in kapron insulation of milky color. The number of cores per conductor is 175, the thickness of one vein is only 0.04 mm. Accordingly, 700 cores for the entire cable from four independent conductors to the...
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    Sennheiser IE8I / 100% Original!

  18. Gosod

    UM Merlin Ciem

    I will sell these headphones are in perfect working condition, warranty over, comes as pictured, headphones,case,box.    Worldwide shipping! Shipping with tracking number and PayPal fees included in price!
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    Westone UM Pro 10 Cleal

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  22. Gosod

    WTB Fiio E12A

    Hi, looking to buy a perfect condition and without scratches! PM ME!
  23. Gosod

    Dunu TITAN 1 / modified / Remove Cable

    Hi, I sell Dunu TITAN 1 modified, they in perfect working condition, see photo, you have the opportunity to change the cable, I sell them with complete cable from the Westone W30 with remote control, after modification, I noticed improved bass and treble but again it depends of a custom cable...
  24. Gosod

    Sony NW Z1070 64GB, Japan Model

    Sale Nw ZX1070 64 GB! This player is in perfect condition, I used it eye 3 months, the screen protective film, I don't see scratches or other dirt, amplifier unit is equipped with S-Master MX supports Clear Audio technology. The latter is good because it supports recovery of treble, which are...
  25. Gosod