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  1. NDonchev

    TEAC HA-501 Silver

    I'm selling my TEAC HA-501 Silver (220V) headphone amplifier. It's in original packaging as it came from the store and I'm the first owner. The outer box has a hole in it on the side where the power cable is. The unit itself is in perfect condition as you can see from the pictures. I'm selling...
  2. NDonchev

    Pairing MSR7 with Fiio X3II?

    Hello, I recently bought a MSR7 headphone and I'm happy with it, but looking for something good to pair it with. The main DAPs I consider are Sony NWZ-A15 or Fiio X3 Second Gen. I'm leaning towards the Fiio.   So, will the X3 II be a good companion to the MSR7? Also, will it sound noticeably...