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  1. dj199325

    Westone ES5 Price Drop

    this is my ES5, Westone's custom. 1 low driver, 2 mid , and 2high. I bought these on December 28th 2012. It's not that long. I probably have used it around 100 hrs. These are working perfectly fine the reason why I am selling thses because I need IMac for the college. Even you are not going to...
  2. dj199325

    FS:Westone ES5

    1 low 2 mids 2 high I bought this on december 12th 2012, its not that old. I have used this around 100hours The reason why I sell this because I want to buy Mac Book for my college year Both sides are working perfectly I will ship it with protector, cleaner OTO EASE, 20 audio wipes. Thanks
  3. dj199325

    FS: UM3X Mint condition

    Hi, everyone    I'm selling my UM3X because I got UE11pro and I really dont listen to these any more :P    I purchased these 5 months ago from my friend and it has been used for little amount of time. (about 20-40 hours)      I'm asking for 250 USD + shipping + Paypal fee.    ...
  4. dj199325

    WTB: Schiit Lyr

    Hi, I'm looking for Schiit Lyr for my LCD-2  Plz pm if you are interested in :) thx.   Price is negotiable
  5. dj199325

    WTB SM3 v1 or v2

    LF either SM3 v1 or v2 & looking for mint condition.   If you are kind enough to send me some pictures, that would be really nice.   If you have interest, plz pm/offer me. Thank you :)
  6. dj199325

    Question about amp

     I bought sm3 and I'm newby to all of these things.     My mp3 player is iphone.       What kind of amp should I buy?      Price range is up to $300
  7. dj199325


     I really want to post at FS/FT forum but whenever I click to post thread this show up I can't post it      "You are over your limit for posting this forum. Please check back later."      Solution?