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  1. beyondthepale35

    Schiit Modi 2 Uber - Wobbly Source Selector

    Selling my Modi 2 Uber I purchased in January 2016 since I just bought a Mimby. Works completely fine, for some reason the selector knob for the source doesnt quite fit right or is missing a part or something. The button works fine, just figured I'd put it out there. I'm sure someone could...
  2. beyondthepale35

    IC: Focal Elear For Sale Or Possible HD800

    Have a pair of Focal Elears I bought a month ago second hand. Work perfectly and have less than 200 hours on them. Willing to sell them or trade for a good condition, fairly late serial number HD800. I'll post pictures soon, just think I enjoy the Sennheiser sound more.
  3. beyondthepale35

    Schiit Modi

    Selling my Schiit Modi, purchased around Christmastime of last year (2012). When they shipped it to me they only included one of the rubber feet, but other than that and a couple minor scratches it works perfectly fine. Price includes shipping to the CONUS, just need to fund some PS4 purchases...
  4. beyondthepale35


    Here is my rather unsightly CKKIII. Its not the prettiest amp Ive ever seen but it was built around 2008 and still works flawlessly. The volume knob has been lost to the sands of time but I know thats an easy fix. The amp was built from a kit sourced by Jeff Rossel at Glassjar Audio, and for the...
  5. beyondthepale35

    FT - Mr. Speakers Mad Dogs for HD600

    Looking to trade my Mad Dogs for some HD600s. Bought about a month ago, pretty much like new. They sound great, I just never have tried a Senn and prefer an open headphone. PM me if interested, I'll try and post some pictures soon. Comes with the V-Moda 1/8" and stock 1/4" cables. If not...
  6. beyondthepale35

    Hifiman HE-300 Rev. 2, almost brand new *Sold*

    Well I have two headphones and feel thats a luxury Ill never take advantage of, so Im selling off my recently purchased HE-300s from Headroom. Maybe 50 hours on them total, really enjoyed them but my Fischers are more practical for me at the moment. Ill throw some pictures up when I get back...
  7. beyondthepale35

    Recommendation for a cheap DAC to hold me over

    Ive got some FA-002ws coming in the next couple weeks and just wanted to know if something around 50 dollars or so would be any better than the onboard sound on my computer to connect to my CKKIII. I know I could get something like a DAC destroyer but ive heard its not that much better than...
  8. beyondthepale35

    Used pair of HD600

    Nevermind, I bought a pair of FA-002ws, no need for these anymore =)
  9. beyondthepale35

    FS/FT: AKG K701

    Title pretty much sums it up, I love the AKGs but I feel like Im wasting them with my low budget system and was looking to either sell them or trade them for a pair of HD600s or DT880s. I bought them from another user here about 2 or 3 months ago and they still look flawless. Im more looking for...
  10. beyondthepale35

    LD 1+ or LD MK1+ for K701?

    Hi, Ive been reading way too much of this site, but just wanted to know which one you would pick as a starter amp for my K701s. I know they wont reach their full potential, just want something to tide me over until after graduation. Thanks. Any other suggestions are welcome for around the...
  11. beyondthepale35

    Prog Rock Headphone Recommendation?

    So Im just beginning to empty my wallet into headphones, but unfortunately I am still a starving student and am pretty destitute at the moment. Ive pooled about 200 bucks, and am looking for a pair of headphones that I can use preferably unamped until I can muster up more for that. I mainly...