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  1. Soul_Est

    Please Delete! - HifiMAN RE-252 SEM

    While going through the RE-252 appreciation thread, I saw kostalex post a few pictures of the RE-252 KM that his friend created for him.  After seeing them again in better detail in another thread...
  2. Soul_Est

    Which IEMs to use with a Xperia X10?

    My SanDisk Sansa Clip+ has been dead and gone for a while now.  Other portable sources have replaced it but those were short-lived. I tried using my Motorola Milestone but stopped after getting distracted by the noise and finding out why the headphone jack was loose.  It's been months now and I...
  3. Soul_Est

    HifiMan RE252 Appreciation Thread

    After being well received by members of the Head-Fi community, the RE252 has been considered a recommended upgrade to the still great RE0. I have yet to receive mine but I would like to see the questions and opinions of those who own them or are considering them. I hope you all were lucky enough...