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  1. Pro-Jules

    Audio Technica ATH-DSR5BT (neck band Bluetooth)

    Just picked up a pair of Audio Technica ATH-DSR5BT Bluetooth neckband headphones. rrr price over £300 Got them new for under £70 ebay I am a big fan of the Pure Digital Drive tech already (as on my Audio Technica ATH-DSR9BT over ears.) ther is something about pure digital drive I love. Need...
  2. Pro-Jules

    Bluetooth, Hi Res codec, IEM (2pin / MMCX) neckbands

    I have ordered FiiO LC BT2 And Plussound Both are In transit / shipping to me. Both are 2 pin connection
  3. Pro-Jules

    Sound quality between Amazon Music HD / Qobuz / Tidal

    I am auditioning Amazon Music HD against Tidal I am pretty sure AM-HD has more hi res content than Tidal. For example it has some albums at 192k 24bit whereas Tidal seems to max out at 96k? I feel AM-HD had the sonic edge so far in my a/b tests but I am still evaluating. Anyone else?
  4. Pro-Jules

    Hi res over cellular / hotspot / tethering

    I sometimes tether my DAP to my iPhone's hotspot. This allows me to listen to anything I want even if I haven't downloaded it. I am out if my phone contract and thinking of upgrading. The unlimited data option seems good especially as I could stream to my DAP without ever worrying about extra...
  5. Pro-Jules

    Keeping 2 pin in / stopping iem from falling off?

    I wish my iems had a recessed hole that matches the protruding shape from the cable tip. All that's holding them in are the two tiny metal rods I am tempted to apply a drop of super glue to "weld" the cable tip and iem together. I am quite rough with my stuff. It needs to be durable. Losing...
  6. Pro-Jules

    speakers for bedside / TV watching via Macbook

    I have a skinny shelf running along behind my bed I want either a very skinny / narrow sound bar or some tiny cute 2.1 system (preferably white colored to match the shelf / room) a sub satellite could go on the floor. Watching TV via a Macbook Pro - connected to a larger monitor. I could...
  7. Pro-Jules

    DAP - Tidal - DAC? Sample rate fixed @ 96k?

    Running out of the usb port to connect to my living room rig (below in signature) I have Tidal showing up on my hifi @ a 96k sample rate this seems 'fixed' and doesn't seem to change per track. Is that your experience? Or does the gear you connect your DAP to show variable sample rates...
  8. Pro-Jules

    192k stuttering SPDIF (4 POLE 3.5MM - RCA)

    I appreciate that 192k performance is a big stretch for spdif. But I have 176k working. Just need to go that last mile... I am looking for a 4 pole 3.5mm (hiby) to rca coax spdif cable. Preferably here in the UK. Any ideas for me? I think I might need a high quality (75 ohms?) cable. I...
  9. Pro-Jules

    Qobuz on Fii0 devices thread

    I wanted to start a thread for Qobuz fans using FiiO devices.
  10. Pro-Jules

    (SOLD) Sony MUC-M2BT1 Bluetooth LDAC MMCX neckband MINT

    MINT CONDITION Super cool gadget Amazingly light weight it's totally invisible / you really can't feel its on Super thin cables means no microphonics MMCX connector LDAC and all the other Bluetooth codecs I had to pay £35 customs duty on this - and so will you if you order one from Japan...
  11. Pro-Jules

    Ditch iphone for LG V30 for good headphone amp and hi res audio?

    Apple is so far behind with hi res. I like LDAC and use qobuz on a DAP Any here switched form apple to android just for its hi res audio? What about storage? - I have a 400 gig micro sim for audio in my DAP can you fit that into an LG 30? I am so stuck into the apple eco system.
  12. Pro-Jules

    Will a standard MMCX cable fit an Etymotic ER4SR?

    I have a Sony LDAC Bluetooth Neck band cable with standard male MMCX connections I want to attach Etymotic ER4 SR IEMs to them (which have a proprietary 'anti turn' notch on the female connection) Do I need to do a custom (cut and join the Sony cable to the Etymotic cable then shrink wrap)...
  13. Pro-Jules

    Please Bose - release Htpx HD "Hi Res" neck band headphones @ CES 2019

    Dear Bose - Please release Htpx HD "Hi Res" neck band headphones @ CES 2019 "QC30 HD" The StayHear ear-tips are the only type that fit my ears and deliver correct levels of bass. But it operates with outdated Bluetooth tech now Put Aptx HD in all the other wireless models too Even better...
  14. Pro-Jules

    What has AptX HD, dual BT connection, noise cancelling & 3.5 cable

    What has AptX HD Allows dual Bluetooth connection Has noise cancelling A 3.5 mm cable option? Oh and sounds good....! Many thanks
  15. Pro-Jules

    Poor fit IEMs (falling out or zero bass) & deep insertion = occlusion

    I have tried 3 IEMs, one of them was Etymotic deep insertion The other two Shure (and another popular brand) wouldn't stay in my ear for longer than a few seconds I tried compressing tiny Comply tips (I bought a big selection) to fit in my tiny ear canals but no... The Etymotic hurt as they...
  16. Pro-Jules

    Small ear canal - new to this. Get molds done or not?

    Newbie IEM question I have selection of tips to expiriment with Comply memory foam v small seems to work. And there are sports ear hooks. To help. But what I don't understand is If I get molds done - how do I go about shopping around to find the drivers I like the sound of? Or can any...
  17. Pro-Jules

    LDAC earbuds W neckband without Sony's hyped bass?

    Tryng to find some neck band ear bud headphones with noise cancelling but WITHOUT that Sony big bass tone. I could try to eq it out but that disengages the LDAC Grrrrrr! Any tips for me? WH 1000x M3 = too much bass - sending back after testing WI WI 1000x arriving tomorrow for testing ...