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  1. joncirca57

    High quality 3.5 to 3.5 to work with smaller diameter holes in iPhone (or iPod) case?

    I have a case on my iPhone 4 is that has a headphone opening too small for the right-angle 3.5mm on my UE IEMs.  Does anyone make a high quality, short, cable that might help? Thanks!
  2. joncirca57

    Variety: Have UE10, interested in E4 or UE 5 Pro

    OK, I love my custome IEMs, but I want to try something else. Reasons: 1. Even though the IEMs are great, on long flights I want a different "feel." (India coming up; 20 + hours from MN) 2. Can't help myself. 3. Reason? I don't need no stinking reason! (to paraphrase a line from a great movie...
  3. joncirca57

    Zen Micro and software opinions

    Are you using Creative's software or Microsoft Windows Media Player 10 to rip and transfer to the Micro? thanks
  4. joncirca57

    Headphones in Minnesota?

    Hi! Is there anywhere in the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area to audition some of the higher-end Sennheisers? Thanks!
  5. joncirca57

    Senn 595 120 or 50 ohms?

    Hi! Just a quick question--I have read in a few threads that the 595 is now 50 ohms. Have you seen any US dealer with this? The ones I contacted had 120, and had not heard of any change. Thanks!
  6. joncirca57

    Size of ATH EM9 or ATH EW9 clip ons

    Hi! I have been thinking about a set of clip-ons for time when I do not want complete isolation. Earbuds tend to fall out for me. Could someone do me a favor and measure the diameter of the headphones? I just wanted to get a feel of the size. Audio Cubes has great photos, but I wanted a...
  7. joncirca57

    Worthwhile visit to the Apple store . . .

    Greetings! I moved from 3rd gen to 4th gen with the purchase of an Ipod Photo 40G and experienced a severe case of the static noise as the hard drive spun up. I am using UE 10Pro and UE5c as earphones. Yesterday I spend a couple of hours at the Apple store, and left feeling that I got lucky...
  8. joncirca57

    Little bit of ambient, please . . .

    Greetings from Minnesota: I am very happy with my UE IEMs, but there are times when a little bit of ambient noise (e.g., traffie, the telephone, etc.) would be nice to hear. Are there any really nice ear-buds or clip-ons to consider? Thanks again!