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    tim bought my A-T W1000s; the man knows what he wants, pays promptly and stays in touch...wish everyone was this great to deal with. Cheers, mate! - Sef
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    FS: Audio-Technica W1000

    pictures have been added.
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    FS: Audio-Technica W1000

    Quote: Originally Posted by gsferrari ygpm darn 10 character limit inbox cleared, send away..
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    FS: Audio-Technica W1000

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    FS: Audio-Technica W1000

    Not looking for trades, thanks.
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    FS: Audio-Technica W1000

    EDIT: Sold to tbdoah; thanks to all who expressed interest. In pristine condition, haven't even used them for the past few months. Complete with box and all papers. Asking US$350 + shipping from Toronto, Canada. - w.
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    WE WON!!!!!

    Quote: Originally posted by bootman Koufax threw a complete game against the Twins on two days rest. ...and that's why Sandy Koufax retired at age 30. Having thrown as many pitches as he had, Pedro should've been removed...that said, the Red Sox deserved it; if there's such a...
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    Flaming Lips comments?

    flaming lips ='s that for a comment? i'm firmly in the "yoshimi..." camp; as great as "the soft bulletin" is, yoshimi strikes me as being a more adventurous, eclectic and emotional melange of electronica and pop. The instrumental tracks are a high point as well... - w
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    male singer-songwriter suggestions?

    Two names come to mind, both (loosely) in the Nick Drake mould: Tom McRae and Ed Harcourt. Both are worth checking out, even Ed, despite his occasionally asinine behaviour at gigs (as once recounted by a female friend of mine).. - w
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    List an album you are planning to buy within the next week or so

    The new Muse disc is out ('Absolution') and I aim to grab it (probably through CD Wow) also waiting for the new Electric Soft Parade ('The American Adventure', due Oct. 13). - w
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    Mid-90's Britpop war revisited

    Like most of us who were in high school at the time, I too thought that oasis initially had the upper hand (who can forget hearing 'Live Forever' for the first time), mainly because they had street cred, a couple of working class boys vs. the upper middle-class preppies of blur. Then Liam & Noel...
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    What Live concerts have you attended?

    *far* too many to count...the last one I attended was Mogwai's gig at the Phoenix last week: the band was their usual wall-of-sound selves, but played a bit too much from 'Young Team' and not enough from 'Rock Action'..and no Cody - w
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    Pioneer "Legato Link" Appreciation Thread

    Quote: Originally posted by j-curve Hey, one more quip like that and next week you'll be looking at a Yamaha multi-bit player... with "4X Oversampling"!! Unless of course, you'd care to show us the insides of the Marantz. sure, the digicam's locked and of these...
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    Looking for more shoegazing / dreampop

    The new Elbow album came out yesterday...lovely, lovely stuff. You might also want to check out The Lightning Seeds..they aren't around anymore, but a "Best Of" compilation should still be available. Brendan Benson and Stars are also worth checking out. - wasif
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    Good SACD source for <1.5K

    Quote: Originally posted by kartik Thanks everyone for the input. I have been looking closely at the SA8260 and probably would buy this. I did n't find a great deal of info on this player here, although there was a ton at audioasylum. Anyone here try out this player ...
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    Good SACD source for <1.5K

    Quote: Originally posted by kartik As an alternative to the Sharp SACD player that I am about to buy. Does anyone have any alternative sources in the sub 1500 price range. Needs to be SACD ( preferably with DSD out) Needs to have an optical output Preferably bought new with warranty...
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    Shanling CD-S100 Mk. II (successor to Music Hall CD-25) Haven't seen this before; thought I'd pass it along. The unit looks great and now incorporates upsampling..other neat stuff includes an aluminum chassis and transport housing. Awfully tempting... - w
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    Top 3 favorite bands?

    at this particular moment in time, it'd have to be broken social scene, doves and the dears, in that order..a minute from now, things might change. - w
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    Monty Python...What is your favorite sketch?

    The Hell's Grannies sketch, easily - w
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    album getting heaviest playtime right now?

    The Dears - No Cities Left - w
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    Conan O'brien Commencment Speech...

    Quote: Originally posted by plainsong I'm not sure what that post was about, but I've always loved the Conan. "The Conan" was asked by his alma mater to deliver a commencement address a few years ago..I remember reading that transcript on usenet. - w
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    Favorite unhappy songs?

    Anything from Embrace's "Drawn From Memory", the general idea being to uplift my spirits.. - w
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    Broken Social Scene - highly recommended

    Quote: Originally posted by Trounce Can't really compare it to anything I've ever heard - certainly not Doves, but to each his own. I am in love, literally, with the song 'Anthems for a Seventeen-Year-Old Girl.' Just uplifting and cathartic. Sounds like something out of a Sigur Ros...
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    why wait for Thom frickin' Yorke's latest vanity project when..

    ...these fine, fine albums can now be had: British Sea Power - The Decline of British Sea Power (the best thing since pants) Manitoba - Up in Flames Stars - Heart Sam Roberts - We Were Born in a Flame Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People (all right, perhaps not just yet; a few days left...