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  1. TzeYang

    Tiny DAC, Big Sound, Evolved – Stoner Acoustics UD100 / UD110 / UD120
  2. TzeYang

    DAC Cases and EMI/RFI stuff, Really low level question

    is there noise at the first place?
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    2 or 3 Channel, Single Ended Class "A" Design Thread

    just so you know, these ideas are all discussed and done thoroughly before here and on headwize. Eventually, you'll end up with a PRR like MOSFET amplifier with two rails.You could add complexity to the output stage by adding a CFP, add some FETs to the rails, cap multiplier, small shunt regs to...
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  5. TzeYang

    LM317 dual rail power supply

    With a circuit this symmetric, consider using thicker traces and a star ground.
  6. TzeYang

    PPA v2 construction discussion

    lower the resistor between the buffer and the output of the opamp to about 100 ohms.
  7. TzeYang

    Discreet DC-coupled portable amp schematic?

    ^you mean an open loop diamond buffer? They don't like driving low impedance loads and IMO if you were to trim a diamond buffer the only way to do it is to introduce an offset error to the CCS to nullify the differences between NPN and PNP complementary parts. You can introduce the offset...
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    ...Pico Slim vs RSA Protector!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Currawong Years of hi-fi experience and research? It's very simple: If you introduce a component that changes the frequency response of the signal, you are introducing distortion. A good recent example has been the HD-800s, with a number of owners, myself...
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    ...Pico Slim vs RSA Protector!

    ^where did you pull that one out of?
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    the answer to our prayers?? USB audio the holy grail??

    excellent! Now I won't even bother with other formats if this becomes accessible.
  11. TzeYang

    Blochead Diamond Buffer + Gain Stage

    by adding two resistors to the emitters of the input transistors, you can move them to Class AB or even Class A. I personally think starving them from Class A biasing is bad to the diamond buffers. You only need two extra resistors per channel so I don't think it goes against your principles...
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    We Got Ti Kan (AMB) an HD800!

    Quote: Originally Posted by amb Sennheiser was really on to something when they combined the AKG K1000-like forward angled drivers, but with roomy earcups and large drivers (56mm diameter with 40mm magnet and 42mm voice coil). So what you have is the imaging benefits of the K1000 but...
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    review for Sheer Audio HA-006+ (DynaLo) ?

    definitely a good amp for the HD650 They should sound almost the same
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    most vendors choose not to inform their buyer about such issues. EDIT: IMO, the "OPAMP SWAP" trend in head-fi in a way is quite sickening by the fact that most people don't know what they are really doing.
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    Chopping off a piece of a pot?

    I'm a patient man. I use a small saw blade and saw it down. Use a plier to hold the other end of the shaft so it does not move around.
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    Gamma-2 (γ2) DAC Thread

    :\ be thankful you have mouser to rely on. i always cry when i have to pay an arm just to order special parts from the US.
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    attenuate the input with a divider.
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    portable mosfet amp?

    1 Ohm degeneration for the VAS stage seems to be a risk for thermal runaway Sure they are stable IRL?
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    Weird CMoy Problem

    how loud are you listening to? This is a common issue when the poor TLE2426 is asked to sink high amounts of current from the load.
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    We Got Ti Kan (AMB) an HD800!

    me me me. Paypal pls.
  21. TzeYang

    Is Chu Moy about anymore?

    post pictures and settings