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  1. wasifazim

    FS: a few things from my box 'o audio accessories

    these have been lying around unused for a while; they're all minty-fresh, or awfully close to it. - ACME Audio Labs silver plated 15A duplex AC outlet (MSRP US$30 + s&h). - 2x Herbie's Audio Lab HAL-O 9 tube damping devices, sized for miniature preamp and small signal tubes including 6922...
  2. wasifazim

    FS: PS Audio Mini Lab AC cable (3 ft.) Sold. Thanks.
  3. wasifazim

    Would any of these power a meta42 any better than a typical wall wart? - Wasif.
  4. wasifazim

    Eric Barbour-designed headphone amp?

    Can anyone comment on the performance of this design ( compared with commercially available vacuum tube headphones amps such as the Head OTL? Thanks, Wasif.
  5. wasifazim

    WTB: Senn HD580 'phones in mint condition

    With the mods having dispensed with the old thread as per my request, let's try this again, shall we? I'm looking for a set of Senn 580s in mint condition (no scratches or scuffs, and the earpads must be nice and firm). If you've got one, by all means, do post. If you'd like to discuss anything...
  6. wasifazim

    Wanted: Senn 580 in minty fresh (and I mean minty fresh) condition scratches, scuffs etc., and the earpads must be firm (I once purchased a used pair of HD600 'phones where the pads were like an old pillow) and like-new. - Wasif.
  7. wasifazim

    FS: 3x NOS Brimar 12AT7/ECC81 tubes (late 50s vintage; great w/ EarMax Pro)

    A couple of months ago (back when I still had an EarMax Pro on order), I acquired these three tubes (all of which are late 50s vintage and show 100% emission) from a reputable U.K.-based valve dealer. Here's a quote from said dealer: "Anyway, here is a trio (3) Brimar ECC81 /12AT7 for your...
  8. wasifazim

    Sought: one EarMax Pro or Consonance Cyber-20 headamp

    Having dispensed with my trusty Melos SHA-1, I'm in the market for a top-notch (but not quite as pricey as RKV Mk.II) tube headphone amp. I'm sure you know what to do... - Wasif.
  9. wasifazim

    Wanted: Grado RS-2.. good condition. If you've got one available, let me know. - Wasif
  10. wasifazim

    Has anyone tried to do this to their HD580/600? The bit about the damping sounds especially interesting... - Wasif
  11. wasifazim

    Dirt-cheap Philips SACD1000 CD players

    I'm sure some of you have seen this on AA, but for those who haven't, check out some of the messages posted on the hi-rez board..apparently several U.S. retailers have the Philips SACD1000 for US$400 or under. Highway robbery, that's what that is.. - Wasif
  12. wasifazim

    Band of Brothers six-disc DVD boxed set (sealed)

    Brand new and still shrink-wrapped; raffle prize at my firm's christmas party.'s asking $78 for it; my price is $65. I'll probably put it on eBay in a few days. - Wasif
  13. wasifazim

    Melos SHA-1 distortion?

    Just grabbed a used SHA-1 from a local dealer @ Cdn$600, and so far I'm noticing a fair bit of distortion at high far as I know, this unit has never had its Sovtek 6922 tubes replaced; could the distortion be because the tubes are about to give way? I've also noticed that it has a...
  14. wasifazim

    SOLD: FS: Price Wheeler Brick Wall surge protector

    In excellent condition and about six months old. This is the 2R15 model; asking $115 plus shipping via method of buyer's choice. - Wasif.
  15. wasifazim

    WTB: Stock cable for Senn 580/600

    I'm looking for one that's got gold-plated connections on the ends that attach to the earpieces, not the earlier model w/o gold plating.. - Wasif.
  16. wasifazim

    FS: 5 feet of Belden 83802 power cable and Pass & Seymour 5266-X hosp-grade AC plug

    Aborted DIY project. $17.50 shipped. PayPal add 2%.
  17. wasifazim

    Zu Cable's advertising blurb for their OxyFuel cables

    Found this amusing (from their Audiogon ad): "The Oxyfuel is quickly gaining a reputation as the best interconnect on the market. No other cable has the detail and refinement of the Oxyfuel, and when you throw in the price issue there are no other cables. Please visit our website for more...
  18. wasifazim

    Stefan AudioArt Vision 1 cable for 580/600 discontinued?

    This cable isn't listed on Stefan AudioArt's website any more..perhaps they're planning to launch a cheaper version?
  19. wasifazim

    WTB: Clou Blue (from those of you upgrading to Cardas/Stefan AudioArt

    Let me know if one becomes available. - Wasif (who's content to live on the trailing edge...)
  20. wasifazim

    The most insane DIY project ever

    This guy I know put this together: Still can't believe he got as far as he did..370 lbs. per speaker
  21. wasifazim

    WTB: Senn HD600

    Let me know if you're looking to part with one.
  22. wasifazim

    Divertech's price for the MG Head OTL

    According to Tash Goka, the amp will cost Cdn$500 before tax, about $120 more than what I paid for my MG Head DT sans tube cage but with detachable power cord..
  23. wasifazim

    Has anyone tried out a Blue Circle BC86 parallel power filter?

    I can get a demo version for slightly less than US$100; does anyone know if it's worth even that?
  24. wasifazim

    A few 5751 (12AX7 replacement) NOS tubes for sale

    Bought a few different types to try out; all have been used for only a day or two and were purchased from reputable eBay sellers. Buy two or more and shipping's free. A good upgrade over stock tubes that come with the MG Head DT for example. Two Sylvania 5751 grey plates, $9 each. Four GE...
  25. wasifazim

    Do vibrapods/cones et al make any difference to a headphone-based system?

    I can understand the logic behind using vibrapods under a CD player when using speakers, but headphone don't produce any type of vibration that'd affect a CDP, right? so is there any sense in using a set of vibrapods under a reasonably well-built player like my CD6000OSE if it's only used with...