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  1. zombie medic

    grado rs1i vs hifiman he 500 which one should i get?

    PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU VOTE      THANK YOU   hello everyone iv been considering buying the rs1i or the he 500 after i went to try on the sr225i grados at crutchfeild audio. Let me explain what happened there. I drove about a hour down from where i was livivg to try the sr225i out. when...
  2. zombie medic

    high end headphones that sound great WITHOUT an exsternal headphone amp

    hey guys I'm wondering if theres some really high end headphones/IEM's that don't really need any external amplification to sound great. iv heard that with some of the grado line you dont really need a dedicated headphone amp but i could be easily mistaken.
  3. zombie medic

    high end rig recommendations budget $4000 or lower

    hey everyone, a few days ago i sent in job applications for some summer jobs to get some money. Short story is that i have a opportunity to make a nice amount of money over the summer "well for a teenager anyways". i calculated that if i got one of these jobs and if i worked the whole summer i...
  4. zombie medic

    audio technica a900x vs ad900x??

    would anyone like to compare? i wounder if they sound similar or if the ad900x might sound a bit better.