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  1. mikeaj

    Peer groups, self selection, the breadth of the audiophile community

    We all know that people tend to learn things through experience, for better or worse. Many times, that process achieves good results; other times, selective memories or unaccounted factors lead to shaky interpretations and bad "knowledge". However, our views and thinking are also shaped heavily...
  2. mikeaj

    Simulated crosstalk listening example (audio files inside)

    In discussions of amp soundstage and other topics in different parts of the forums, some people have quoted amp crosstalk figures as a hypothesis for differences in perceived sound quality.  Also, some people (I've got to include myself) may not really have an intuitive handle on what crosstalk...
  3. mikeaj

    Cheap laptop audio upgrade?

    My laptop headphone out jack picks up a lot of noise, which I gather is quite a common problem. I'm fairly convinced that my onboard audio (Conexant 20561 SmartAudio HD) isn't too hot anyway. Ever since I picked up the Klipsch Custom 2 IEMs for $70 a little while ago, the noise has been much...