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  1. edwardsean

    [SOLD] FS: Audiophilleo 2 MkII + Synergistic Research Core USB Cable

    Audiophilleo 2 MKII USB to SPDIF converter w/ Synergistic Research Core USB Cable. In perfect operating condition/ some light scratches and scuffing cosmetically. Original Packaging and connectors included. USB cable comes with optional power supply for active shielding. Audiophilleo 2...
  2. edwardsean

    FS: SOtM tx-USBUltra SE

    tx-USBUltra SE USB Regenerator: This is the Special Edition from AudioSensibility (producers of some of the finest silver cables). We use 20AWG OCC silver for the internal DC wiring upgrade. As an added bonus we incorporate JSSG (John Swenson Shield Ground) 360 double shield on both of the...
  3. edwardsean

    WTB: Allo USBridge Signature

    Please PM if you have one for sale
  4. edwardsean

    [Sold] FS: Brand New SP2000 (unused) in box - Stainless Steel version

    This is a brand new SP2000 (SS) straight from Astell and Kern, USA. Received on June 1, 2020. I opened it wearing surgical gloves to test that the unit is functioning perfectly and put it right back in the box. All manuals and accessories are untouched in box and included along with the...
  5. edwardsean

    [SOLD] FS: HD800 (original) + DHC Molecule Elite cable + Dekoni Pads

    These phones are the original HD800, not the 'S' model, and are in great condition. I am the original owner and it has been housed in a clean, smoke free, and Covid-19 free environment. it's operationally perfect. The unit is not modded except for Dekoni earpads. The headband pad is fine but...
  6. edwardsean

    [SOLD] FS: Simaudio Moon Neo 430HAD Headphone Amp + DAC

    This unit is in absolutely excellent conditions, without physical or operational defects. It works and sounds as good as the day it was fully burned in. I am the original owner and it came directly from the Simaudio factory to me. It has been housed in a clean, smoke free, and Covid-19 free...
  7. edwardsean

    [FOUND] WTB: Chord Hugo 2 - Silver

    Please PM me if you have one for sale.
  8. edwardsean

    iBasso DX220EX + Amp8EX-P for sale [SOLD]

    I'm selling a fully modded DX220EX and Amp8EX-P. All original packaging and accessories are included as well as the Amp1-mk2 module. The unit is fully operational with some superficial scratches on the back casing. The installed battery is also brand new and comes with three additional new...
  9. edwardsean

    [SOLD] iBasso Amp8EX-P v.1 custom modded

    This is a one of a kind modded iBasso Amp8, fitted with premium parts for the–very–best–possible sound. You can read more about the v2 version of this amp here. This is the v.1 version which has the same parts but an additional four upgraded capacitors to enhance output power...
  10. edwardsean

    Onkyo DP-X1 w/ Dignis case for sale [SOLD]

    I'm selling my DP-X1 (Japanese version) with Dignis leather case. It is in pristine condition except for a light scratch next to the headphone jack. It is in perfect operating condition. The headphone jack has no issues. Both the DP-X1 and Dignis case come with all original packing and...
  11. edwardsean

    Do I need to sand rhodium plating

    I'm terminating a cable and Furutech says that for their Rhodium connector I "may" need to sand the rhodium plating on the contacts. Is this actually necessary before soldering?
  12. edwardsean

    Eidolic vs. Furutech

    I’m looking at both eidolic and furutech balanced connectors. On paper it seems to me that furutech would outperform eidolic because they use copper for their conductor instead the brass used by eidolic. As I understand it copper is far more conductive than brass. However, I know that eidolic...
  13. edwardsean

    Sony NW-ZX2 w/ WMC-NWH10 USB Conversion Cable [Sold]

    Hi.    I have a Sony NW-ZX2 in excellent condition for sale. I am the original owner and It is in perfect operating condition. There is some extremely light wear from normal use which is not very noticeable.    It is the Japanese model so if there is a volume cap on U.S. units, this is free...
  14. edwardsean

    WTB: Schiit Yggdrasil

    Hi. I'm looking for a Schitt Yggdrasil. if anyone has one for sale, please PM me.   Thanks!
  15. edwardsean

    Help needed with wiring a TRRS connector for normal - TRS operation - please.

    Hi,    I have a strange problem occurring with a trrs connector. I have a trrs male connector that is wired the same way as the HM901 (not AK240) on a balanced cable to IEMs. When I first wired it, it worked flawlessly in both TRRS and TRS. Then I switched connectors and switched back, now it...
  16. edwardsean


    Hi,    If you have universal Tralucent 1plus2 that you would want to sell please send me a PM. 
  17. edwardsean

    Trade Mint Cond. JHA Roxannes universals for Tralucent 1plus2 universals + cash/ THANKS-FOUND A 1+2

    Hi,    I have a pair of JHA Roxannes universals lightly used with all original accessories and packaging that I'm looking to trade for Tralucent 1plus2 universals. I'm willing to negotiate on the amount of cash to make up the difference. if interested, please send me a PM and we can trade...
  18. edwardsean

    Unique Melody (UM) Platform Pure PP6 DAC/Amp/IEM-UNIVERSAL--[This will be reposted in a few days as a for sale item]

    Hi,    I am considering letting go of my PP6 system DAC/Amp/IEM to trade for a fullsize headphone. The unit is a rare UNIVERSAL model so there is NO REFITTING NECESSARY. I have original high-end case and multiple replacement silicon tips.    This was the unit that was sent around to...
  19. edwardsean

    WTB: Smyth Realiser w/ HDMI or upgrade [no longer needed]

    Hi, please pm me if you have one for sale, with or without Stax headphone.   Thanks.
  20. edwardsean

    WTB: UM Miracle[no longer needed]

    Pleas PM me if you have one for sale.
  21. edwardsean

    WTB UM Merlin [no longer needeed]

    HI,    I'm looking for a used pair of UM Merlins. Please PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks.    Edward
  22. edwardsean

    JH3A + LOD vs. DAC + AMP (e.g. CLAS + SR71B/ Fostex HPP1)

    Hi,    My current portable setup is: iPod > Fostex HPP1 > JH13, which I think sounds fantastic. However, I'm considering upgrading to the JH3A. My problem is that I'm committed to carrying around a single box. So that means either my current setup or the JH3A fed by an analog signal from an...
  23. edwardsean

    CLAS + Protector or Fostex HPP1 for JH13s?

    Hi,    I'm trying to decide between these two rigs, CLAS + Protector or Fostex HPP1, for JH13s. It seems that the DAC sections are comparable but I hear differing impressions of the amp on the HPP1. I already own a Protector which I like quite a lot in balanced mode. However, the single...