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  1. Magick Man

    How many DACs?

    Today I was counting DACs & DAC/Amp combos I've accumulated and was surprised to find out I have 22, with 9 of them attached to my computer at the same time (and a few I'd forgotten about). :rolling_eyes: Time to clean up after the holidays, I guess (I don't want to even talk about how many sets...
  2. Magick Man

    Christmas 2012: So, what did you get or give?

    Okay spill it, what did Santa bring you, and/or what did you give someone else? Post what it was, with pics if you have them. One thing I got was a new watch from my little girl (she's 10 months old): TAG Carrera MP4-12C. I'm still trying to figure out how she ordered it. ;) Also, it's not...
  3. Magick Man

    For sale: ART HeadAmp4

    Thinning the herd a little, and offering Head-Fi folks a good deal. All money from these sales goes to Mission of Hope. ART HeadAMP4, 4 connection studio amp, has both 1/8" and 1/4" jacks, drives any non-planars under 300 Ohms. Think a 4 head CMOY, that's about what it is. Very good condition...
  4. Magick Man

    AKG Q701. Black, like new.

    ***Sold*** These are like new, work perfectly, and there's not a scratch on them. They have ~3-4 hours of head time. I bought these from Amazon to replace the ones I gave my sister. She ended up giving me my old ones back because she decided she doesn't like over-ear headphones. I don't want...
  5. Magick Man

    WTB: Wooden Grado cups

    Looking for some slip-on wooden cups for my SR60is. Would like pics, price, and whatever type of other relevant info you may have. Thanks,
  6. Magick Man

    High end DAC/preamp, what am I missing here?

    So a local audiophile friend is selling off some, actually most, of his gear. He asked if I was interested in demoing any of it, so earlier today I went by and borrowed his McIntosh C48. Okay, it's nice, very nice. The fit and finish are typical Mac and it's a real eye-catcher. It has tons...
  7. Magick Man

    Headphone/amp synergy?

    What does that even mean? I keep seeing posts where people say something to the effect of, "well, that amp won't sound good with those headphones, they have poor synergy". On paper, the specs look fine, it's a SS amp of high quality, there's nothing that stands out about the cans either, but...
  8. Magick Man

    An audiophile and petrolhead's journal: Buckle up!

    Headphones, amps, and cars. Oh my! Wait a second! What's this thread about? It's about me, and like-minded individuals, discussing; high-end audio gear, fast cars, and the people we live with. Personally, it's about me trying to keep my hobbies and marriage in a state of balance, which...
  9. Magick Man

    Little Dot 1+ Amp

    Looking for a Little Dot 1+ hybrid amp to go with my dad's new Denon D2000s. Tell me about specific tubes you have with it, condition, and how much you're looking to get for it. Thanks
  10. Magick Man

    The Sennheiser HD518, it just needs to gain some weight

    I searched and didn't find a thread about modding the HD518, which is strange because it's a good candidate for it because they're: inexpensive, easily disassembled, and damned well just about everywhere. :D Anyway, I was bored the other night, which is bad when I have my headphones near and...