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  1. jmills8

    SOLD - Cayin T01 Motherboard module dual PCM1792A DAC .

    Mint for sale ,Cayin T01 Motherboard is the second module released for Cayin's new N6ii DAP featuring a dual PCM1792A DAC implementation and a quad OPA1622 op-amp design. Ill pay shipping.
  2. jmills8

    SOLD Cayin N6II T01 Motherboard mint. Ill pay shipping.

    Cayin T01 Motherboard is the second module released for Cayin's new N6ii DAP featuring a dual PCM1792A DAC implementation and a quad OPA1622 op-amp design. Mint .
  3. jmills8

    SOLD - HIFIMAN R2R2000 Black Luxury HIFI Dap.

    Hello , Im selling a Black R2R for $1250 USD shipped. It is one of my fav sounding dap.
  4. jmills8

    FS / ALO Audio The International+ Optical Edition Amp/Dac , charged one time

    For sale brand new , never took it out. In its case its an amp , its an amp plus dac , sounds detailed and organic. Best with iems and easy to drive headphones. Price includes DHL Speed Shipping.
  5. jmills8

    SOLD , iFi Micro iDSD Black Label DAC/Headphone Amplifier/Preamp with MQA and DSD

    Hello , Im selling my lightly used great ifi Bl Amp. Only charged four times. I love it but I havnt had time to sit at home and use it. I will pay shipping through DHL. In box.
  6. jmills8

    SOLD Hifiman Red R2R dap mint

    Hello , I bought two Hifiman R2Rs and sounds great , but I will keep one. So selling the mint R2R Red. In its box with 256 gig sd card.
  7. jmills8

    Hardest and best Brutal Slam , Brutal Death Slam, Pig Squeals , Crickets, and , Guttural Music ?

    Looking for your favorites , mine are : Cephalotripsy , Cerebral Incubation , Abominable Putridity , Agonal Breathing , Defeated Sanity , Gorepot , and C**t Torch.
  8. jmills8

    Reviews vs Presentation

    A review is rare these days , but presentations are more common. From my understanding a review is finding what is good and what is wrong , writing some personal inputs , opinions. A review shouldnt just show a product like a Car Model which only states specs and uses words to push the product...
  9. jmills8

    SOLD - Fiio X5III W/Remote Control

    Hello, I have a X5III dap for sale I only charged it four times and on stock FW. I really like this dap, sounds way above its price. I prefer its sound over my various AK daps which I already sold. My only issue with the X5III is its slow start up but then can use sleep mode. I coach so I go...
  10. jmills8

    WTB Headstage Arrow Amp, 5 series

    Im looking to buy an Arrow Bass heavy amp. Ill pay for shipping aswell. Thanks
  11. jmills8

    Audio gear reviewers, they write reviews in order to keep the hot chicks away ?

    The guys that choose to spend their free time alone to listen and write reviews they do this to avoid women ? Are women after them and what to take them away from listening to music ?
  12. jmills8

    SOLD /FS Mass Kobo 424 Full Balance Amp

    Hello, Im selling in box in mint shape a Mass Kobo 424 amp. Comes with a 4 pin Furutech 4.4 balance connector and a 4.4 to 4.4 interconnection cable. This is the best sounding portable amp, heck its a top amp in or put doors. Selling because I have too many things to carry to work and so this...
  13. jmills8

    SOLD / FS Colorfly U8 Dap, Modded/ Mint

    Selling my mint Colorfly U8 dap. Only charged five times. I spent $450 USD to have it modded by Romi. It can easily push a HD800 in non balanced. 300 ohm full headphone sounds wonderful on the U8. Comes with box and Ill pay shipping. Only reason for selling is I prefer the Cayin N8 and plan on...
  14. jmills8

    SOLD - Colorfly U8 Dap (Mint)

    I bought two, so best sale one of them. I will pay shipping through DHL. In box , 64 gigs internal, can hold 256 gigs on sd card.
  15. jmills8

    SOLD - JVC HA-FW10000 Victor IEM

    For sale the best iem I ever heard and ever bought. Its really that good, I compare this to the best headphones and it beats most. Selling cause I already put a big diposit on the same iem and while I was waiting I was able to snatch this. In mint condition and I will pay shipping through DHL.
  16. jmills8

    SOLD, FS - Hiby R6 Pro (new)

    Hello, I am selling a new Hiby R6 Pro. Took it out of the box, played music for 15 mins and put back in the box. It sounds great, can push my TH900. Reason for selling is simple my Cayin N8 sounds a little better. Ill pay shipping through DHL.
  17. jmills8

    SOLD - Fostex TH900 full Lawton mod (mint)

    Hello, I have a full Lawton TH900 in mint condition. Very low hrs of use due to that I usually listen on the go and I never took this th900 out. Ill say it has like 15 hrs of use. Ill pay for shipping.
  18. jmills8

    CLOSED, Done - Fostex TH900 MKI

    Want to buy a good condition TH900 MKI.
  19. jmills8

    Want To Buy - Headstage Arrow Amp 5TX

    Hello, Im looking to buy an Arrow amp . Thanks.
  20. jmills8

    SOLD - Fostex TH900 W/Black Dragon Cable. Less than 10 hrs used.

    New Fostex TH900 less than 10 hours of home use, Moon Audio installed their upgrade Black Dragon Cable. Comes with box, stand and all papers. Ill pay shipping.
  21. jmills8

    SOLD - Fostex TH900 with Silver Dragon Cable

    Fostex TH900 with Silver Dragon cable. In great condition. I own five TH900S so this one has been lightly used. Ill pay shipping.
  22. jmills8

    SOLD - LH Lab Go2 Pro Infinity MINT

    Selling my LH Lab Go2 Pro Infinity which was charged 3 times. I new, newer used Samsung Galaxy that can hold 256 gigs for sale $200 unlocked plus Ill give you the custom made Pure Silver USB cable I paid $ 200. I will pay shipping through DHL.
  23. jmills8

    SOLD - LH Lab Go2 Pro Infinity

    Mint, charged 3 times in box. Plenty of power, very neutral dac /amp. I will pay shipping through DHL.
  24. jmills8

    SOLD - Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro mint

    Mint with an upgrade cable in box. I will pay shipping.
  25. jmills8

    SOLD - Bowers & Wilkins P7 , For Sale, Mint in box.

    B&W P7 Wireless for sale. I have never charged the headphone. In box and I will pay DHL shipping.