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  1. earformance

    Reply to review by 'earformance' on item 'MrSpeakers Aeon Flow Closed'

    Those you've tested must be a faulty pair. Please return them and retest. For me AFC's are the best closed cans currently on the market, considering price/value range.
  2. earformance

    FS: new original earpads for Mrspeakers AEon Flow Open/closed

    Have you sold it, or still have it?
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  7. Desktop Headphone Amps (Community Gallery)

    Desktop Headphone Amps (Community Gallery)

  8. Desktop Headphone Amps (Community Gallery)

    Desktop Headphone Amps (Community Gallery)

  9. earformance

    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    Sennheiser HD218   The bass pulls of your head and ear...too much. Moreover this bass veils all other sounds like treble and midrange and the overall sound transforms to a pulpy/slushy thing.   First and last this is a total dead-end. Not recommended!!!
  10. earformance

    Sennheiser HD800 Certificate for Frequency Response Arrived

    Just arrived my HD800 certification. S/N 04769  
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  12. earformance

    Your #1 Favorite Album

    A really fabulous sounding album: Jimmy Edgar - XXX
  13. earformance

    Sennheiser HDVD800 Headphone Amplifier

    I've found that this amp doesn't have enough power for my HD800. Maybe the source was too quiet or probably i used to listen at extremely high volumes :D
  14. earformance

    Fake FiiO E6 or Legitimate?

    It's shocking to read that these relatively cheap stuffs are counterfeited as well :mad: