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  1. Roen

    FS: Massdrop THX AAA 789

    Mint Condition. Works Perfectly. Includes Power Adapter and Documentation $350 USD / $455 CAD + shipping + fees Shipping to Canada Available to ship to the US at the end of the month.
  2. Roen

    FS: Topping D50 DAC

    Used D50. This is a standalone DAC and will require an amp for best results. You can play into headphones directly with a RCA to 3.5mm converter cable, but the output impedance will be pretty high. Only used in an office environment. $150 US / $195 CAD or Best Offer Shipped in Canada...
  3. Roen

    Portable Amps with Balanced and Unbalanced Inputs

    I'm looking for a portable Amp without a DAC that takes both Balanced and Unbalanced inputs, something I can carry with me to use to play files from either my phone or portable DAC. Any recommendations?
  4. Roen

    Are there any Portable ES9028 DAC / Amps with Balanced Outputs?

    I know the 9028 C2M/Q2M is the new top of the line Sabre mobile DAC, but are there any balanced portable amped implementations?
  5. Roen

    Smoothest TWFK (Dual BA) IEM?

    It seems that most TWFK IEMs suffer from sibilance or overexuberant treble energy. In fact, I haven't met a Knowles that wasn't sharp in the treble. Which TWFK-based IEM, current or discontinued, was the smoothest? i.e. one that doesn't suffer from treble being tinny and overly sharp. As I...
  6. Roen

    How to compare maximum power output specs between devices?

    I'm new to the audiophile game and trying to understand specs between devices. So far, for three different devices, Max power output has been quoted differently. Device 1: 105 mW @ 20 ohms, 100 mW @ 40 ohms, 40 mW @ 220 ohms Device 2: 50 mW / ch @ 70 ohms Device 3: 50 mW x 2 How can I make an...
  7. Roen

    Best TOTL Universal Dynamic Driver IEM (No Hybrid DD+BA)

    What's the current opinion on best DD IEM on the market now? MEE P1?
  8. Roen

    Current State of the Market: Best Dual BA IEM available now?

    Hi All,   Ever since I got word that the Fischer Audio DBA-02 MkIII was suspended, I've been trying to find a suitable competitor in the dual BA market. I'm interested in other types of IEMs as well, but for now, I'm looking for a good entrant in the dual BA market.   What enticed me about...
  9. Roen

    IEM Help: Looking for best sounding Balanced Armature IEM below $200

    Hi All,   I want to get into the entry-level / mid-level IEM market. I want to see how different the sound is compared to my dynamic drivers.   My Current Lineup of Earbuds Bose QC20i - Commuter Earbud JBL Synchros 200i w/ Comply T-200 worn Backwards - Office / Listening Earbud Klipsch...