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  1. johnnylexus

    Need Spotify on A&K SP2000

    I went to the APKPure website to try to download Spotify and install it on my SP2000. The website does not show an icon to download an XAPK version of Spotify. What it shows is an ability to download it using Google Play. I don't have a Google account and I'm not trying to install Spotify on an...
  2. johnnylexus

    Astell - Kann Cube or SP1000?

    I'm considering the Kann Cube and the SP1000. I'm not sure I really need the extra power in the Kann, but it is tempting if I ever purchase a high-end power hungry headphone. The price is basically half of the SP1000. I'm wondering if I would be sacrificing higher audio quality by choosing...
  3. johnnylexus

    iRiver Plus and AK100

    One of the things I love about iTunes and iPod is that you can create a random playlist from your whole library and then have up to 60 Gigs of random songs copied onto your iPod.   Last time I checked, the shuffle feature on my AK100 totally blows.  I always listen to music randomly, mostly at...
  4. johnnylexus

    copying files from iPod question

    I have an old non-imod version of an iPod that is Windows based.  It has a couple dozen audio books on it.  The computer that it was synced to stopped working about a month ago.    A few days a ago I connected it to my new Windows computer which has iTunes on it.  The computer did not...
  5. johnnylexus

    Need DAP with big storage - tired of iPod

    I have been using iPod classics and iMods for many years.  I am wondering what kind of DAPs are out there now with relatively high storage capacity with good sound.  I think 32Gig would be about the smallest I would consider.  Suggestions?
  6. johnnylexus

    The new Westone line?

    I have had a pair of Westone 3's which I use at the gym 3-4 times a week.  They have been fantastic.  Sound great, and VERY comfortable and lightweight.   I am wondering if the newer models of Westone are as comfortable and lightweight?
  7. johnnylexus

    Red Wine iMod died today

    Well my beloved 5.5G iMod died today, sounded fantastic all the way to the end.  Now I need to get another one.  I see on Vinnie's website that he still does the iMod, but I think you have to provide the iPod.  I do not know where I can find one of these things.  Has anybody recently gone this...
  8. johnnylexus

    JVC HP DX-1000 Headphones

    I am selling my seldom-used, beautiful looking and sounding JVC headphones to make some money for a home purchase.  Already sold my Grado's and my beloved Cary SEI, now these must go.  :(   I know I have less than 200 hours on them, I bought them new from Audiocubes about two years ago. ...
  9. johnnylexus

    Cary 300 SEI Tube Amp

    I am buying a new house so I have to sell my Cary 300SEI. An amazingling beautiful looking and sounding tube amp with one of the best headphone circuits anywhere. Comes with Western Electric 300 tubes. The truth is that this amp has had very little use over the three years I have owned it...
  10. johnnylexus

    Anybody tried Ultrasone Edition 8 with crossfeed amp>

    I am loving the sound of my UE8's through my iPod and iQube amp ... the soundstage is huge and the instruments are splashed all over the place ... amlost too splashed.  I was wondering if Crossfeed would tame this down a little bit.  I have been thinking about a Decware Zen portable amp for this...
  11. johnnylexus

    PerfectWave Dac with Bridge

    I listen to a lot of music thru my PC.  I have a decent sound card plugged into my Cary 300SEI using rca cables.   If I am listening to FLAC music stored on the PC's hard drive or playing streaming music over, it mostly sounds pretty good to me.   I am wondering "how" the...
  12. johnnylexus

    Anyone like SOMA FM?

    I don't know if my ears are playing tricks onme, but when I listen to SOMA FM streaming (it says it is only 128K) it sounds really quite good to me using my Grado's and Cary 300.  My experience in the past with 128k MP3's is that they sound rather crappy.  Curious if anybody else has listened...
  13. johnnylexus

    Need laptop speakers

    My wife and I are getting on a plane soon and I want some decent little speakers that I can plug into my laptop.  They do not have to be USB powered, I would prefer that they have little amps built in so they sound better.  Just something that I can stream audio into our hotel room that sounds...
  14. johnnylexus

    IC: Cary 300SEI

    My heart is breaking but financial difficulties are forcing me to consider selling my Cary 300SEI.  An amazingling beautiful looking and sounding tube amp with one of the best headphone circuits anywhere.  Comes with Western Electric 300 tubes.  Very good condition, original box, remote.  Smoke...
  15. johnnylexus

    Anybody purchased UE11 or JH11 / 13 used and then had the ear pieces re-done?

    How does that work?  Do you ship off ear impressions and the custom headphones to Ultimate Ears or JH Audio and they make the new headphones? 
  16. johnnylexus

    Can't get good bass seal on Westone 3's

    I love my Westone 3's but I use them at the gym and I just can't seem to get a good tight seal.  I know that everybody's ears are different, but I am getting really frustrated.  I have tried triple flange, foamies, the little rubbery tips ... all of them just work loose after a few minutes of...
  17. johnnylexus

    JBL Studio Monitors - need to replace blown woofer

    Does anybody know of a good website to go to for learning how to replace a blown woofer in my JBL studio monitors?  They are the JBL 4412's.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!  
  18. johnnylexus

    Where to buy Senn HD800 in D.C. area?

    I live between Baltimore and Washington D.C. I would like to audition and maybe purchase the HD800. Are there any dealers / stores in this area that carry this headphone? thanks~
  19. johnnylexus

    Ultrasone Edition 9 - mint condition - SOLD

    I bought these new about 2 years ago for around $1600. SALE PRICE SOLD. My wife and I are buying a new house and I need to let some stuff go! You will not be disappointed in these ... probably don't even have 100 hours of use. You pay Paypal fees and shipping. They come with the...
  20. johnnylexus

    Power Mac advice needed

    I'm moving from a PC with a really nice sound card (which connects to my home stereo with digital cable) to a Power Mac G5. Are there any good sound cards for the Mac or should I use optical out and get a Dac to insert between the computer and home stereo?
  21. johnnylexus

    RSA Apache: Pros and Cons?

    It is SS. Duh. Is it cold? sterile? boring? squashed?
  22. johnnylexus

    Rudistor RP010-B .... about to pull the trigger

    Somebody please save me from myself. I'm so tempted to pull the trigger on one of these solid state beauties. I sent an email to Rudi and he said it would take 20-30 days. So much money. Should I do it????
  23. johnnylexus

    WTB: Maxed out Reference Headroom amp

    I'm considering one of these to add to my collection. I'm not super-knowledgeable about them as they evolved over the years, but I'm looking for a nice clean unit. Not sure if they all came balanced version only.
  24. johnnylexus

    Grado GS1000 compared to HP2?

    I finally heard the GS1000 today and I liked them quite a bit. Has anybody on here ever compared the GS1000 to the HP2? I'm curious about their similarities and differences. cheers
  25. johnnylexus

    How to discharge caps in power supply?

    I am thinking about opening up my Cary 300SEI in order to tighten the prongs on the headphone input. Another head-fi guy said it was easy to do but that I needed to discharge the caps in the power supply. I have no idea how to do this. I have never opened an amp. Can anybody advise? A photo...