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  1. dagothur

    What's your most expensive piece of Audio equipment (headphones or speaker)?

    I've been lurking on this forum here for a little while to expand my knowledge of audiophile equipment, and I noticed something, a 'trend' if you will:  A lot of you spend a lot of money for the systems you have.  After seeing David Mahler's review of his 20 best headphones, I went to his...
  2. dagothur

    Some assistance for a possible initiate into the Hi-fi realm of audio

    I'm looking to get a dedicated source for a pair of D7000s I'll likely be getting come the end of January.  My budget is ~300.  I was thinking of doing Audio GD Compass -> Matrix M-stage -> Denon D7000.
  3. dagothur

    One headphone to rule them all/headphone cushions

    1. The headphone cushions on my M50s are starting to degrade, and I'd like new ones.  Where may I procure them?   2.  I currently have a pair of M50s, JVC-Rx900s, and Grado Sr80is.  I was wondering, what would be the best headphone for me in the 200-300 price range?  I generally listen to...