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  1. Crazykiwi

    Vintage AKG K340 Electrostat-Dynmaic Headphone Restore

    Link for photos and process:     I found some badly damaged vintage AKG K340 Electrostat-Dynamic headphones on Kajiji for $30. It is a rare model with a unique technology combination that never took off. In addition to a standard driver for the mid and low end...
  2. My T1 "Portable" Setup

    My T1 "Portable" Setup

  3. Crazykiwi

    Show us your vintage headphones!

    Ha, that gentleman is me.  Thanks for the compliment :) It took me about 10 minutes the first time I tried these on just to figure out how to wear them.  They are actually really comfortable because they don't touch the top of my ear at all.
  4. Crazykiwi

    Is there an exaustive list of over $1000 cans

    Where can I find a clear list of all current and, noteworthy headphones over $1000 including recently released pairs? 
  5. Crazykiwi

    Show us your vintage headphones!

    This is a unique 1981 vintage can by Pioneer.  They are worn under the chin and have a glasses like plastic arm that holds them over the ears.  They are for sale for the right price BTW.
  6. Crazykiwi

    Stax SRS 3170 System

      It is so hard to find information on STAX.  Can I just confirm that this means buying the solid state amp that would usually be part of the 2170 system with the headphones that are one step higher and usually with the 3170 system package?  Can this amp drive them to their full potential?   I...
  7. Crazykiwi

    Matrix M-Stage ideal gain with HD650

    Great, looks like you are right either 0db or 10db.  I'll try 0db for a bit and see how it sounds.  Thanks for the help!
  8. Crazykiwi

    Intro by Niall a long time lurker

    Thanks, just curious how the little Dot 1+ drives the HD600's.  I was looking at it for the 650's but was told the power might not be enough.  Still considering it however as I think it could be good intro to tubes.
  9. Crazykiwi

    Matrix M-Stage ideal gain with HD650

    I just picked up a Matrix M-Stage for use primarily with some HD650's.  Any thoughts on the ideal 'gain' to set it at?  I can hear a difference from listening straight out of the Fiiio E18 DAC.  The sound is less congested and the veil lifts a little.  However I am getting some slightly boomy...
  10. Crazykiwi

    Intro by Niall a long time lurker

    Hi, my name is Niall.  I've lurked here for about year but would like to get more involved in the community.  I have a small collection of mid-range headphones and antiques including:   Pioneer SE-L25 (brilliant and unique under chin vintage design but poor sound) 4AA (an old standard but not...
  11. Crazykiwi

    Worth buying Marantz 2220 on craigslist?

    I'm sure this thread is pretty dead but just in case anyone is looking for an answer as to where to find LED replacements for Marantz models... do a search for them with your model number on eBay and you will find several options for LED and traditional fuse lamps.  Installation looks pretty...
  12. Crazykiwi

    Grado lover confused by AKG K550's sound

    Thank you.  I will go over those mods and consider them.
  13. Crazykiwi

    Grado lover confused by AKG K550's sound

    Thanks for the detailed reply.  I may try some of those mods since I do really need a pair of closed headphones for traveling.