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  1. greg788

    Elekit TU-8200DX

    I recently built this after buying a pair of open baffle crossover-less high efficiency speakers as an experiment. This is probably the best sounding TU-8200 on the planet. Call it a DX-cubed. With the exception of the one original 180uF snap in Nichicon VY, EVERY electrolytic is either an Audio...
  2. greg788

    Apex / Millet Butte DIY

    This is the DIY version of the Apex Butte. You can buy the circuit board and enclosure off Ebay, which is what I did, and a Mouser BOM is provided. I built this myself about 2 months ago. It's completely stock except I used Takman REX carbon film resistors instead of the standard cheap metal...
  3. greg788

    Kingrex UD-01 and UD-01 Pro USB DACs

    Cleaning out my odds and ends, Kingrex UD-01 USB DAC for $50 and UD-01 Pro for $100. These have boxes, manual, etc. too   these are firm prices, no low balls prices are very fair   Also have Firestone Audio / FSA Cute Beyond with Supplier for $50   I can send pics if necessary
  4. greg788

    Firestone (FSA) Cute Beyond and Supplier

    Cleaning out my odds and ends, this is a firm price, no low balls since combined MSRP was over $300. And it has the box, manual, etc.   Also have Kingrex UD-01 USB DAC for $50 and UD-01 Pro for $100. These have boxes, manual, etc. too   I can send pics if necessary
  5. greg788

    Teradak V3.1 TDA1543 NOS dac with USB

    I'm the original owner and this Dac is less than a year old. Mint condition, works flawlessly and USB is wonderful (my source is a Macbook Pro and Amarra). Purchased from Valab through Ebay. Also for sale on Audiogon, where I have tons of positive feedback buying and selling for over a decade...
  6. greg788

    Elekit TU 882AS with lots of NOS tubes

    For sale is my Elekit TU882AS. This is the version that comes with the PCB assembled so no worries about an amateur bodge job. I'll include NOS pairs of RCA Command (among the best 5670 variant I've heard), Sylvania and Bendix 2C51 rebranded National (these are authentic, purchased NOS from...
  7. greg788

    Sennheiser HD 600

    Original owner, purchased brand new in box on 4-15-2015, perfect condition. The only reason I'm selling is that I decided to keep a pair of much more expensive headphones I just tried out. The pads are perfect, I've never bent the headphones in any way to expand or contract the clamping force...
  8. greg788

    HD600 vs. HD558 ???

    I have a pair of HD558 on demo and I'm very impressed. The graphs at Headroom show that the HD558 and HD600 have a basically identical frequency response curve, with the HD600 being lower distortion.   Question: with a good home desktop headphone amplifier, is the HD600 more natural, smooth...
  9. greg788

    Grado SR225i 4 months old, includes extra TTVJ and Grado S pads

    Original owner, purchased brand new in box from Amazon on November 15, 2012. So only 4 months old. Mint condition. Includes spare sets of TTVJ pads and Grado S pads. I'm a little light on feedback here so please note that this is also listed at Audiogon, where I have a ton of positive feedback...
  10. greg788

    Kingrex Preamplifier TRADES CONSIDERED

    Recently purchased new in the box from an authorized dealer (Ear-head Audio). Perfect, mint condition. Current MSRP is $659.00   Trades I'll consider: full size headphones, maybe headphone amps, DACs, etc.   I recently got married and I have collected too much audio stuff. It's gotten...
  11. greg788

    Sennheiser HD600

    Original owner, couple of years old, minimal use (t get these under $350.00 new or $300 used in this condition. Includes everything. I am currently downsizing my system.   This is also for sale at Audiogon, where I have tons of positive feedback over the last 10 years there.
  12. greg788

    Sennheiser HD600

    Original owner, perfect condition, purchased brand new in box in March, 2011. I got away from headphones over a year ago and these have been boxed up ever since. The street price for these is $400 at Headroom, Amazon, etc. so my asking price is very fair.   I also posted this for sale at...
  13. greg788

    MHDT Paradisea 3 DAC with two extra tubes

    I just upgraded to a MHDT Havana so my beloved Paradisea 3 is up for sale. I'm the original owner and it's less than a year old. It's in mint condition and includes an extra RCA black plate 5670 and an extra JAN GE 5670 gray plate. Since I don't have much feedback here, it's also for sale on...
  14. greg788

    Channel Island Audio VHP-2 and VAC-1

    I purchased these both brand new directly from Channel Island Audio in April of 2011. They are in mint condition, never abused. They drove everything from Sennheiser HD600 (300 ohms) to Grado RS2i (32 ohms) -- perfectly. I chose this amplifier over several others by direct comparisons (e.g...
  15. greg788

    Schitt Asgard

    This amplifier is approximately one year old. I'm the original owner. It's in mint condition. Its transformer doesn't hum, either (the earliest Asgard's produced had transformers that hummed a bit). I really like this amplifier and it synergized well with all of the headphones I own or tried...
  16. greg788

    Fostex TR50RP orthodynamics

  17. greg788

    Grado RS2i versus SR225i ???

    IHas anyone compared these? How do they sound differently and is the RS2i worth the $$$ over the SR225i?   And which is has brighter treble? Headroom told me the RS2i is brighter in the treble but their frequency response graphs don't support this (I think their graphs are for the older...
  18. greg788

    Question about Meier Corda Swing

    I'm interested in buying a Meier Corda Swing. The problem is a lack of information and feedback on this amplifier. Can anyone offer an opinion or comparison of this amplifier versus *whatever* (especially with HD600 or HD650).    I'm currently driving HD650 and HD600 with a Schiit Asgard...
  19. greg788

    Cardas Sennheiser HD600 / HD650 replacement cable

    Purchased brand new 3 months ago from Headroom. Also see add for HD600. I can do a package deal for the cable and HD600. Paypal (preferred) adds 3%   I just got into headphones so I don't have any feedback here so I also posted at audiogon, where I have a ton of feedback:  ...
  20. greg788

    Sigtone Shek D2 Non-oversampling dac

    This is only about 2 months old and I'm the original owner, mint condition. Paypal (preferred) adds 3%   I just got into headphones and haven't sold anything here yet so I also posted at audiogon, where I have a ton of feedback:  ...
  21. greg788

    MHDT Paradisea 3

    Less than a year old, original owner. Comes with 2 additional WE 396A (1960's D getters), RCA 5670, GE 5 star 5670 and Sylvania 5670, all purchased NOS from Tubeworld. Paypal (preferred) adds 3%   I don't have any feedback here since I just assembled my first headphone system a few months...
  22. greg788

    Elekit TU-882AS

    Original owner, only about 2 months old. This is the semi-assembled version, meaning the circuit boards were pre-assembled. So no worries that I ham-fisted the soldering. I also had the distributor (Vic) assemble the entire unit for me before shipping it. Along with the stock GE 5670 tubes, it...
  23. greg788

    AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD600 FS

    Both are mint, only 3 months old, purchased brand new, original owner. I recently assembled my first dedicated headphone system and decided to only keep the HD650 and Fostex TR50RP. I've never sold here so I also posted at audiogon:  ...
  24. greg788

    FS: Cardas Sennheiser HD580/600/650 headphone cable

    This cable is only a month old, bought brand new, still have receipt, box, etc. It's 10' long and has the standard 1/4" plug. New retail price is $222.00. Asking $140. I accept paypal and money order. This is my first sale here (I just recently built my first headphone system) but I have a TON...