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  1. MarkF786

    4.4mm Female to 4 pin XLR Male adapter?

    Can anyone recommend a quality 4.4mm Female to 4 pin XLR Male adapter? The ones I see on Amazon appear of questionable quality. My price target is around $50, though willing to go higher for a quality cable.
  2. MarkF786

    Klipsch X12 Bluetooth Neckband - Impressive Sound and Convenience!

    Someone had posted in the Deals thread that the Klipsch X12 Bluetooth Neckband was on sale (refurbished) for $150, much lower than their $400 street price, and though I have little experience with Klipsch, doing some quick research I found the reviews to be good (and the reviews of their X12i...
  3. MarkF786

    What type of cable do you want for your Focal Elear or Utopia?

    To give better feedback to Focal, I thought it good to have a poll to see what types of cable customers would want for their Elear or Utopia headphones.  Maybe if there's enough requests, Focal will consider selling (or including) other cable options with their headphones.   Multiple choices...
  4. MarkF786

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