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  1. MalVeauX

    HE-500, LCD2, D5000, DT770, SR80, on a speaker amp (Emotiva mini-X A-100) Project

    Agree, I struggled letting go of all the headphones you just mentioned. I liked having them and used a different one for a different genre, etc. I realized I was just hording though and collecting and so I finally let them go. I bought a DT770 literally like 4 times total because I just enjoyed...
  2. MalVeauX

    HE-500, LCD2, D5000, DT770, SR80, on a speaker amp (Emotiva mini-X A-100) Project

    Thanks; I lurk but ultimately after going through the process and finding something that just does the job, I found it a much better endevour to just listen instead of constantly looking for the next good deal or next better option. The DAC, AMP and headphone(s) have been going non stop for...
  3. MalVeauX

    HE-500, LCD2, D5000, DT770, SR80, on a speaker amp (Emotiva mini-X A-100) Project

    Agreed, and I'm here now almost 9 years later still doing it. Every now and then I log in and see what people are talking about. But really, I found the most value in simply getting something good and then just listening to the music and stop chasing the gear. I realize for many the gear is the...
  4. MalVeauX

    Headphones under $250 and DAC AMP

      Heya,   Correct, but the point is, you can mismatch either. Putting a 32ohm on a high impedance output amp (OTL tube) would also be poor. While putting a 600ohm on something with next to zero output impedance does nothing other than drop your overall volume, it doesn't help performance...
  5. MalVeauX

    Headphones under $250 and DAC AMP

          Heya,   Sounds like the Beyer DT880 would be more up your ally. The DT990 has a lot of mid-bass, but not much more sub-bass. The DT880 has good bass anyways. Overall a better generalist. Get the 32ohm or 250ohm and call it a day, whatever it cheaper.   Impedance does not dictate...
  6. MalVeauX

    Reply to review by 'malveaux' on item 'SR850 Professional Studio Reference Headphones'

    Heya. I would not use these for production. The warmer and pronounced bass is not ideal for mixing. You could of course equalize them down to be better for mixing (to achieve a much more neutral signature on them by equalizing). But if that's not something you want to do, I would look to another...
  7. MalVeauX

    Did Sennheiser just reveal the Orpheus successor?

    I can't get over how... silly it looks to me. Marble. The case that holds the phones themselves. The lack of symmetry. It screams tacky to me.   I think stone could have been really nice, if it were -all- stone, and not just blocks of stuff stuck together looking like any other mess of things...
  8. MalVeauX

    Reply to review by 'malveaux' on item 'SONOS PLAY:1 Compact Wireless Speaker for Streaming Music - (White)'

    3.5" driver. There's no way this fills the room with any kind of low frequency response. You need a sub. And why are Sonos exclusive media being recommended over something that... well, any audiophile on this site should have? Too much glow here.
  9. MalVeauX

    [DISCOUNT EXPIRED] In An Ambient Way, from Jazz super group, POWERHOUSE

    Heya,   So just did my listen through (full listen through, beginning to end, no breaks). Impressions thus far, very chill album, nothing zany and crazy going on, just relaxing, mellow flow. Very nice to sit back and relax to. The instrumentation is fantastic, definitely see where the name...
  10. MalVeauX

    HE-500, LCD2, D5000, DT770, SR80, on a speaker amp (Emotiva mini-X A-100) Project

      Heya,   I did, bought the Lyr twice actually. Sold it each time. It's a good amp, but it's not a tube amp, it's powerful for sure, but ultimately I just wasn't impressed with it for the $350~400 price tag with it lacking a lot of additional features (at the time Lyr 1 for me, these days...
  11. MalVeauX

    Review by 'MalVeauX' on item 'Brainwavz S5 In Ear Headphones'

    Ready for a repeat? Good, because the "short list" of Pros/Cons is too short. I wanted to provide a bit more in that regard. So here's a longer Pro/Con list that should sum it up better as there's a lot going on here:   Pros: Warm, deep rich smooth bass, mids are not recessed with the bass...
  12. MalVeauX

    Circumaural Headphones for Rock/Metal/Electronic and Gaming

    Heya,   Frankly the HD681 EVO walks over the M50/AD700X in my opinion (I have a white pair, they're quite a high performing headphone, regardless of cost).   At the $150 range, I'm going to say that you're not going to get higher quality sound. You will get higher quality build and features...
  13. MalVeauX

    Looking for some Quality Audiophile Headphones that will also fair well with gaming

    Heya,   Gaming on PC? Get a soundcard, maintain surround emulation. Get a better headphone. That's all you need.   SoundBlaster Zx is a great way to do this. Then simply look into any headphones that fit criteria for you in your budget range.   Very best,
  14. MalVeauX

    Koss ProDJ100 with Fiio E6 AMP vs Audio Technica ATH M50

    Heya,   NVX XPT100 on sale for $80 right now. I'd snag it.   This headphone is a clone of the Fischer Audio FA003, and Brainwavz  HM5. All the same headphone.   Very best,
  15. MalVeauX

    Best bit depth and sample rate for non bit perfect playback.

    Heya,   Frankly it doesn't matter what you set anything to. Whatever you play back is going to be played at whatever it was recorded/encoded at. Nothing more. Taking something's bit rate, and sample rate, and raising it up doesn't do anything. It just changes a number in a piece of software...
  16. MalVeauX

    Best amps for Beyer DT770 Pro 80 around 200?

    Heya,   Asus Xonar DG - $30. Dolby headphone, onboard opamp for amplification. Good to go.   Very best,
  17. MalVeauX

    Grado SR80s and Fatherhood.

      Heya,   All I can really suggest is to ignore frequency response graphs, especially comparing an open air to a closed back, and don't trust the bass frequencies as measured. What you hear and what you see on those graphs are quite different. I say that as someone with 40+ pairs of...
  18. MalVeauX

    DT 770's Very Uncomfortable

      Heya,   Correct. They're generic. But the headband works great. I use these on my Hifimans, Denons and Beyers. Fits them all just fine. Snaps on. Snaps off. Adds a whole new set of padding. Very comfortable. Takes pin point pressure off your scalp.   Very best,
  19. MalVeauX

    Amp/DAC setup question

    Heya,   Schiit Modi Schiit Vali (very affordable total tube setup, hybrid)   Audio GD NFB 12, 15.32, etc (any version)   Very best,
  20. MalVeauX

    Need some recommendations for an upgrade from V-moda crossfades

    Heya,   Very weird. Reference quality for rap/hip-hop, and a budget that is a factor of 9's. Just out of curiosity, Indian?   Anyways, look to: AKG K550 AKG K271 MKII SoundMAGIC HP100 Shure SRH840 Sony MDR1R AudioTechnica A900X   Very best,
  21. MalVeauX

    Looking for a DAC for gaming under $100

      Heya,   The "DAC" does not do this. At all. A DAC merely renders 0's an 1's to a sine wave. It doesn't do positional anything. What the signal is, and how it's processed prior to analog conversion is what's doing that.   Positional audio is emulated by software. This processing is applied...
  22. MalVeauX

    Need help from someone that has experience with dynamic and planar. Understanding of speed and detail

    Heya,   1) Planar tech is old. It just makes come backs now and then. It's a very interesting sound however, and if it suits you, then great. I definitely suits me.   2) If you've auditioned "high end" speakers, and never heard detail like from the HE400, then I frankly question what you...
  23. MalVeauX

    Koss ProDJ100 with Fiio E6 AMP vs Audio Technica ATH M50

    Heya,   How about you ignore what you've "heard" (because frankly, I would advise against both headphones unless your budget is $50~60 tops).   Instead, I would suggest the following:   Budget? (maximum including all potential toys required) Purpose? (portable or not) Open or closed...
  24. MalVeauX

    Anyone know if these are any good?

      I dabble in a lot of speakers.   Haven't heard those.   But I will say, with no experience, that they're likely junk.   If you want speaker help, many of us can help. Just give us a budget, and the purpose of the speakers you're looking for, and the size room (if applicable) you want to...