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  1. erics75

    SOLD ZMF Pendant SOLD

    SOLD Selling my Pendant amp to fund a bigger amp from Ampsandsound. For those that don't know, Ampsandsound is the manufacturer of the Pendant, and is a joint effort with them and Zach from ZMF. My Pendant is in excellent condition. Comes with the amp, giant Seahorse case, power cable, and an...
  2. erics75

    FOUND Schiit HEL or Fulla 2 or Fulla 3

    FOUND Getting a small system together for a buddy down on his luck, and would like to use a small all in one unit like the HEL or Fulla 2/3. Anyone have one collecting dust? Give me your price including shipping/fees. I'd like to keep the HEL to about $120, the Fulla 3 to $70, and the Fulla 2...
  3. erics75

    ZMF Auteur Teak for sale SOLD

    SOLD! The unthinkable had happened, i'm parting with my ZMF Auteur headphones. Why? With pad swapping on my Verite Closed I can get close enough of a sound signature to the Auteur that it doesn't make sense to keep both. Plus the funds will be going towards upgrading my amp :) I'm the original...
  4. erics75

    SOLD A2000X with HARDWIRED Forza Audio Works Noir cable SOLD

    SOLD I have a good to very good condition A2000X that had the stock cable replaced with a very nice Forza Audio Works Noir cable (6ft). The cable unfortunately was hardwired in (I wish it was removable), and is terminated in 4pin xlr. I'll include an xlr to 6.3mm adapter. I have the original...
  5. erics75

    Massdrop AKG K7xx

    SOLD! Got a black K7xx for sale. It's in very good condition, but I do not have the original packaging or the original cable. Got it used here awhile back, no clue how many hours on it. Given the general condition and how fresh the pads are, i'd estimate fairly low hours. But I don't know that...
  6. erics75

    Audio Technica M50X

    Selling my old Audio Technica M50X. It's been unused for ages now, so it's time for a new home. Condition conservatively is good. Some minor scuffs on the plastic parts, but no major flaws or damage. It's 100% functional. I tossed the original packaging but have the original cables...
  7. erics75

    Audio Technica A1000Z SOLD

    For sale is my mint/like new Audio Technica A1000Z, with box and all accessories. I'm also including a generic hard clamshell case i picked up on Amazon, and a set of ZMF Ori Suede ear pads (as well as original pads). I'm the original owner, less than 100 hours on them. I personally love how the...
  8. erics75

    SOLD Audio Technica ESW990H

    For sale is my mint/like new Audio Technica ESW990H with box and all accessories, plus a generic hard clamshell carry case i picked up on Amazon. I'm the original owner, less than 100 hours on them. Selling to fund the upcoming ZMF Verite Closed. These are on ear headphones, be aware before...
  9. erics75

    HD800 Silver No Mods SOLD

    Q Cables adapters and Atmos C cable SOLD HD800 with case is SOLD I have an excellent condition HD800 original model (silver) for sale with a SN in the 45XXX range. I have the box and original accessories. Minimal signs of wear, this is a very clean late production HD800. Pictures to come...
  10. erics75

    Violectric V280 115V SOLD

    SOLD I have a very good condition Violectric V280 for sale. It's 100% functional, with only a few minor signs of useage/blemishes. I have the original box and manual, and the power cord. Pictures coming shortly. Selling to fund the recent purchase of an Auteur. THIS IS AN AMP ONLY, NO DAC CARD...
  11. erics75

    SOLD Grado SR225e for sale

    SOLD I have a Grado SR225e for sale. It's in excellent condition, and includes the 3.5 to 6.3mm adapter. Ear pads are fresh, and overall it shows minimal signs of wear. I'm the 2nd owner, and i have the retail box which i'll ship it in, inside a bigger shipping box. Please note the previous...
  12. erics75

    Schiit Bifrost OLD/1ST Gen unit SOLD

    SOLD I have an OLD schiit bifrost sitting around that i've been meaning to upgrade, and just never get around to it. It's black (one of the first times schiit offered black on their units!), and is first gen all around (dac chip and usb implementation). It's fully functional, but sounds it's...
  13. erics75

    Violectric V100 Amp only (no dac card) SOLD

    SOLD I have an excellent condition Violectric V100 amp for sale, US voltage 115V. The amp is fully functional and only shows minimal signs of wear. I'll post pictures tonight when i get home from work. This amp does NOT have a dac card installed. Includes the original box/booklet, and power...
  14. erics75

    Wanted: Violectric V280 or V281

    if you have one let me know your price. Looking for USA voltage and a seller in the US. Found!!!! Bought!!!!! Happy!!!!!!
  15. erics75

    Schiit Bifrost Multibit Gen 5 USB Silver (BIMBY!)

    SALE PENDING Selling a very good condition BIMBY in silver. This is a Gen 5 usb in silver color. I have the original box/packaging, but might have misplaced the instruction booklet (still looking for it). Comes with original accessories, ie a power cord. The case has one small ding on the back...
  16. erics75

    SOLD Lake People RS-08 Balanced Amp for Sale SOLD

    SOLD Selling a like new Lake People RS-08 balanced headphone amplifier with original box and accessories. I am the first owner, bought straight from Violectric USA (Arthur) earlier in 2018. Been used in my office since. Selling to move up the line to either a V280 or V281. No blemishes or...
  17. erics75

    For Sale Mint Violectric V100 SOLD

    Sold have a mint Violectric V100 that isn't being used much after getting an RS08. Don't have original box but have the manual and a random box from another product that fits the amp perfectly with lots of protection. Would use this box as an inner box and then put that in another shipping box...
  18. erics75

    Found RS 08

    looking for a Violectric V280 in USA voltage preferably black but not a deal breaker. might also be interested in a lake people rs 08 or a violectric v281, so let me know if you got one and what your price is.
  19. erics75

    Beyerdynamic T70 250 ohm (no longer) for sale

    CLOSED Selling my very good condition T70 250 ohm with box and all accessories. Also including a set of sheepskin Dekoni ear pads. I put them on almost immediately after purchasing so the stock velour pads are mint. Please note the "T70" stickers that normally are on the outside of the ear cups...
  20. erics75

    DT 1770 for sale SOLD

    SOLD Selling my mint DT 1770 with box and all accessories. Also including a short aftermarket cable I found more manageable than the stock cables. I forget brand, found it on Amazon and didn't pay much so it's not anything fancy. Works well though. Shipping and PayPal fees on me. CONUS shipping...
  21. erics75

    HD800S SOLD

    SOLD - SOLD - SOLD Selling my mint HD800S with box and all accessories, plus two xlr to 6.3 and 3.5 adapters. That's the headphones, both cables, booklets, and USB stick, plus the adapters. Set is in excellent condition with only the slightest visible wear. PayPal only and fees and shipping...
  22. erics75

    HD6xx for sale SOLD

    SOLD I've got an HD6xx for sale with box and 2 cables. The cables are as follows: 6.3mm, 3.5mm, and 4pin xlr. All are sennheiser 6xx cables, with the xlr being a user re-terminated cable. I bought this here about a month ago, and hate letting it go, but i really need to put funds towards my...
  23. erics75

    beyerdynamic DT 1770 SOLD

    I have a mint beyerdynamic DT 1770 for sale. Comes with box, all accessories, and is absolutely mint. I'm the original owner, purchasing it new a few months back for use at work. Selling to fund some much needed camera lens upgrades. If anyone wants to straight swap for a Canon 500mm F4, lets do...
  24. erics75

    Ether C 1.1 for sale SOLD!

    SOLD! I have an Ether C 1.1 with box, case, and 3 cables (all 6', DUM 3.5mm termination, MrSpeakers standard 6.3mm termination, and Venus Audio XLR 4 pin termination). Can also include a pair of regular Alpha Pads that fit (with effort!), if requested. Headphones are in great shape, with no...
  25. erics75

    SOLD Ether C 1.1 for sale SOLD

    SOLD got an excellent condition ether c 1.1 for sale with a standard 6.3mm cable and offbrand aftermarket xlr cable. no clue on the xlr cable brand, i'm the 2nd owner. comes with all original accessories/box/etc. looking for $950 and i'll cover the shipping and paypal fees. pics here...