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  1. tdogzthmn

    Sansui Integrated with Headphones

    I recently picked up and refurbished a Sansui AU-517 integrated amp for my primary system. The amp is being used primarily to drive my speakers but I was surprised by how good the headphone output is this amp. I have owned several other integrated amps and usually find their headphone out to...
  2. tdogzthmn

    Beyerdynamic DT100 any good?

    I'm looking for some nice closed back headphones and came across the Beyer DT100 which looks very well built and has been around for a long time. I'd like to hear from anyone who's owned this headphone and how they like it. My current reference headphones are the AKG K240DF which I prefer for...
  3. tdogzthmn

    Blumenstein Orca 5.1 full range speaker system.

    I have a 5.1 speaker system from Blumenstein Audio. These are Caramel Bamboo Orca classics and the BUF 6.5" Sub. Speakers are all in excellent condition and well cared for. System includes a dedicated 250watt amp for the Sub. I am oy interested in selling the complete system. Please let me...
  4. tdogzthmn

    IC AKG K550 for KEF M500

    I bought a K550 recently but have also been looking to try the M500.  A direct trade would be ideal for me.  Please let me know if you have questions.   Thanks!
  5. tdogzthmn

    Sennheiser HD600 +SAA Equinox cable

    I have a like new HD600 which I purchased from amazon last year.  Still have the boxes and manuals and original cable it came with.  Also included is a Stephan Audio Art Equinox cable for the HD600 which is terminated in 1/8" plug.  I can include an 1/8" to 1/4" adapter if needed.     Not...
  6. tdogzthmn

    K500 in very good condition

    Selling my wonderful AKG K500 headphones.  Comes with stock ear pads which are also in great condition.  Missing the original 1/4" adapter but I can include an extra one if needed.     Shipping and paypal fees covered by buyer.
  7. tdogzthmn

    Audeze LCD2 Bamboo Version

    Hello, I'm looking to pick up the Bamboo version of the LCD 2.2. Please let me know if you have one in excellent condition.
  8. tdogzthmn

    HRT MusicStreamer II+ Like new.

    I have a new HRT II + up for sale which was bought it less than a year ago brand new off Amazon.  Includes original packaging and shielded USB cable with gold connectors.  Let me know if you have questions.   Thanks
  9. tdogzthmn

    AKG K1000 for Audeze

    SALE PENDING I have a K1000 (SN:10828) in great condition which I'm looking to trade for an Audeze LCD2 rev. 2 with. Bamboo frames or just to sell. Pics are added, see how full and plump those temple pads are! I also have a first watt F5 clone which makes an amazing pairing with the K1000...
  10. tdogzthmn

    Really cool DIY "see-through" amp build

    Interesting CMOY build, has anyone see this before?
  11. tdogzthmn

    Selling Lehmannaudio BCL in Like New Condition

    I am selling this fine amp inorder to fund another endeavor of my own.  It has sounded no less than great with everything I have thrown at it so far including my HD800, a HiFiMann HE-500, AKG K240D (600 ohms), AKG K500, and HD600.  Includes box, warranty, manuals, etc.  I would also be...
  12. tdogzthmn

    Looking to sell/trade HD800 for K1000

    I have an HD800 in perfect condition which I'd like to trade for an AKG K1000. Please PM me if you have one which is in pristine condition. If not I am also willing to sell the HD800. Asking price for HD800 is $1150 shipped. Please look at the pics and let me know if you have questions. Cheers.
  13. tdogzthmn

    AKG K501

    I'm looking for a K501 in like-new condition.  If would be great to find one with a box but I know that's rare these days.  I see them enough on ebay but I'd prefer to buy from another head-fi member here in the USA.  PM if you have one.     Cheers.
  14. tdogzthmn

    Looking for Neutral sounding DAC

    I have a Lehmann audio BCL and HD800 which are fead from my iMac using the HRT II+.  I really enjoy the sound from this DAC and it's affordable price tag makes it a real winner.  However I'd like to take another step up the chain and I think the HRT is the next component to be upgraded.  I'm...
  15. tdogzthmn

    HeadAmp pico SLIM in Black with lifetime warranty

    I have an early serial pico SLIM which is still in perfect condition and comes with box charger and warranty.  It really is quite an amazing little amp but I just dont need a portable amp.  Pics to come.   Thanks.  
  16. tdogzthmn

    For sale rare AKG K500 and AKG K400.

    I have one AKG K500 in near mint condition and one K400 also in near mint condition.  It is hard to find these amazing headphones in such good condition.  I bought both headphones from their original owners but neither one included the box or packaging.  Elastics and pads are both in great...
  17. tdogzthmn

    Is the Auditor a good match for the HD800?

    I'm looking for a good Solid State amp for my HD800.  Right now my top choices are the SPL Auditor and the Lehmann Black Cube Liner which are said to be neutral and fast sounding amps and can be purchased for under $1000 used.  My DAC is the HRT Streamer II+ with BitPerfect from my iMac.  
  18. tdogzthmn

    Finally good DVD-A ripping on a Mac

    I found a nice program called DVD Audio Extractor which does an excellent job of ripping DVD-A discs into a format usable on iTunes.  I know there are not many options for DVD-A ripping software so I thought I would share the good news!
  19. tdogzthmn

    Sennheiser HD800

    Looking for a like-new HD800.  Please let me know if you have one.   Thanks! 
  20. tdogzthmn

    Does ER4S require and amp?

    I have an iPad which sounds pretty good when listening with my ER4S.  I am curious if an amp would give the sound an increase in fidelity of some form.  
  21. tdogzthmn

    Cleaning out the closet, FS: HD600, DT880, K500

    I have decided to downsize my current stock of fullsize headphones which I find myself having less time to use.  All are in very good to mint condition and have been taken very good care of.   1)   HD600 - Purchased new four months ago still in mint condition with no marks of any sort, will...
  22. tdogzthmn

    Akg K1000 petition

    Has head-fi ever created a petition for AKG to re-make their K1000? Even if twas a limited production run I'm sure there would be plenty here besides myself who be interested in a shiny new K1000. Let of the voices of those interested be heard!!!
  23. tdogzthmn

    IEM for use with tube amp.

    I got my first pair of IEMs a month ago, the Etymotic HF5.  I have been very pleased with for use at work and on the go.  I enjoy its tight, detailed and very clear sound.  At home I use my bottlehead crack which is fantastic but sound poor on the 16ohm HF5s.  I looked at the ER4S which is 100...
  24. tdogzthmn

    Console Player Retrofit

    I found a cool article article showing how a guy took a nice looking retro console and updated it with modern components.   Check it out!
  25. tdogzthmn

    T+A E-Series Music Player. Anyone heard one?

    I have been searching for a do-all music source when I stumbled across the T+A music player.  Its a made in Germany and I cant find any US distributors but I thought I would ask if anyone here has heard one.  Here is a link with more info...