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    Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Review and Mods

      Impedance: 32ohms (variable volume) Sensitivity: 105dB/mW Cable Length: 1.2m Price: US$199 ($129 now)   The original Creative Aurvana Live! (aka CAL!), which is still available for sale, was derived from Denon D1001/D1000 using Foster drivers.  CAL! is not only cheaper, but some would...
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    FS: Brainwavz B2 (DBA-02) from AUS

    This Brainwavz B2 IEM is in great condition; 100% working. It normally retails for USD$159.50. Everything is in original package, except for the comply tips. This item has identical drivers and housing as Fischer Audio DBA-02 (Mark I) . PM me your offer if you're interested.
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    No steak-fi? No way...
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    How much are your "perfect" headphones?

    Only vote if you own a pair of headphones you're completely happy with, without the need to upgrade (notwithstanding the want to upgrade); given there's enough voltage and current to drive them, but irrespective of specific DACs and amps.   Only use the average retail price (not MSRP or the...
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    Would you buy this hypothetical headphone?

    I know it's tempting, but please restrain from looking at the result/comments before voting.   This headphone has an easily detachable mechanism, making it open-backed or closed as you wish. Instead of one open and one closed, you now have a chance to buy this hybrid headphone for less than...
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    Where is the data for Equal-loudness contour?

    I'm planning to do some rough frequency response testing. But I'd need the latest (2003) Equal-loudness contour table for that. Does anyone know where to get it for free? It doesn't have to be too detailed, but it should have the numbers for all major frequencies.   Thanks you.
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    Videophilia and Audiophilia

    In many home theaters, people care much more about their projector/screen than their audio setup, and hence spend only a fraction of the cost of their video equipment for the listening experience. Therefore, many videophiles often suggest spending at least as much on audio as on video or at...
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    WTB: headphone drivers/elements (to Australia)

    I would like to buy the drivers from your headphones that you don't any use for anymore. These are for DIY headphone projects, so they have to be 100% working.   The better the sound quality, the more useful they are for me. I'm interested in drivers that at least sound as good as KSC-75...
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    FS: Edifier HA11 desktop amp upgraded (From AUS)

    This is a nice compact desktop amp that's better than your typical cMoy. It uses 9V AC power which goes through a bufferred virtual ground circuit. Modifications/upgrades are done to the opamps, the big caps and regulators.  The three "generic" JRC5532 chips have been changed to two OPA2107AP...
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    Can a 9V wall wart power supply produce +/-9V?

    Can a 9V wall wart power supply produce +/-9V? I seem to have seen some people refer to amps with a 9V power supply (not batteries) having +/-9V or something similar. I understand from the resources online and schematics that 9V is split into +4.5V and -4.5V through a virtual ground circuit.  ...
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    Creative Aurvana Live! Review and Mods

    I'm a pround owner of Creative Aurvana Live!, which shares the same Foster drivers as the Denon D1001 or D1000 but with a slightly bigger, more oval cup. According to what others have reported and what the frequency response graph suggests, much if not all of the difference lies in the bass...
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    FiiO E7 + L2 including shipping and insurance

    It's only one month old, and it will come with the original package with all the accessories. I took care of it the best I could during all this time; for example, the silicone case has always been used. It works brilliantly as it was meant to and it is next to brand new as you can see from the...
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    A DAC/amp

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    How much better is FiiO E7 than onboard laptop sound cards? Review Added.

    EDIT: First impressions and thoughts about E7 after I have received it, here.  ...
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    How can I disable FiiO E3's bass boost by taking it apart?

    Sombody named Magman wrote the schematics for FiiO E3 amp back in June 2009, but the all pdf files are not working any more unfortunitely.   I'm interested to know which elements to short in order to disable the FiiO E3's bass boost. I didn't think there might be a way until I saw this page...
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    WTB: Fiio E5 shipped to Brisbane, Australia

    I would like to buy a fully functional used Fiio E5, if you can cheaply ship it to Brisbane, Australia.   Since I can buy a brand new for about $15, I am considering paying $10 or less.
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    What's the shape of your head? Bass, Treble, or V-shaped?

    It's time to know the distribution of people's preference on this subject here, since there have been a lot of occasions where some claimed most head-fiers prefer treble a lot more than any other frequencies (trebleheads), but without any real evidence the claim cannnot be substantiated or...
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    Soundmagic PL-30 : A Long Overdue Review

    Soundmagic PL-30     Driver: 9 mm Dynamic Nozzle:  5.5 mm Impedance: 12 ohms Sensitivity:  102 dB Plug:  straight Cord:  1 m Y   Miscellaneous: They are exceptionally comfortable and light; when I wear them I sometimes forget they are in my ears. The quantity of...
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    MEELectronics M2P : Basic IEMs on a Really Low Budget (Review)

    MEELectronics M2P     Driver: 9 mm Dynamic Nozzle:  6.5 mm Impedance: 16 ohms Sensitivity: 95 dB Plug:  45 degree Cord:  1.22m Y   Miscellaneous:   They came in a tube-like container. There are only three pairs of silicone tips, although they are quite comfortable. The...
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    Best value IEM under $60 that would suit me? (settled for R03 finally)

    I have finally paid for the R03 (Brainwavz M2). Only need to have patience for its arrival in a few weeks. I don't think I will regret it, unless it is not twice as good as the PL30 which I bought at a price half of the R03 (just kidding, but seriously I am expecting the R03 to beat the PL30...