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  1. JoeDoe

    Complete Head-fi Rig: Grado RS1, MAD Ear+ HD, and MP-D1

    Willing to sell the bedside rig as the desktop counterpart is getting almost all of the head time these days. LOTS of solid equipment here with excellent synergy! Includes: Buttoned Grado RS1s with new drivers and cable. No box. Fair share of cosmetic wear - could use a thorough cleaning...
  2. JoeDoe

    [SOLD]: Glenn OTL *Great Condition*

    Congrats to the new owner on that deal!
  3. JoeDoe

    Ultra-Fi DAC 41 w/ Twin Regulator Upgrade

    Selling exactly what the title says. Fantastic USB-only DAC. No frills, just aural thrills. Spotless condition. Pics to come. No trades. Fees on me, shipping on buyer
  4. JoeDoe


    So the DI has sold?
  5. JoeDoe


    So you won't sell either of them individually?
  6. JoeDoe

    Kimber Silver Streak Interconnects by Solo Wire - $OLD!

    Two custom-made pairs of interconnects here from Solo Wire. These are a great way to get Kimber SS cables without their usual $$$ price! Silver Streak .5m RCA Cable - $75 Silver Streak .5m RCA > XLR .5m Cable - $80 Price includes fees, shipping on buyer.
  7. JoeDoe

    Cables & Tubes: Blue Jeans, 6DR7, 5751, & more!

    Clearing out some unused gear. All tubes are NOS and cables are very clean. Schiit PYST XLR Cables - $OLD Echo Audio 1.5m SPC RCA Cables - $OLD Creative Audio Black Knight Coax Cable - $OLD Ice Age Audio Cryo Power Cable - $OLD Blue Jeans 1' I2S (HDMI) cable - $10 NOS Unbranded 6DR7 Tubes...
  8. JoeDoe

    The Koss ESP950 thread (ESP owners, please contribute! :)

    Hi ESP owners, I recently picked up a pair of 95Xs and am quite enjoying them. Greta change of pace from my go-to PS1000s. I’ve searched this thread and others for answers, but feel like I’ve gotten mixed results to the following question: is an aftermarket LPS a worthwhile investment for these...
  9. JoeDoe

    LNIB Burson Conductor 3R w/ Extras Will trade for Grado PS2000e

    While an exceptional piece of equipment, I think this unit is a little more than I need at the moment. The reviews speak for themselves; Burson truly hit this one out the park! Gobs of power, TOTL build quality, bluetooth, future-proof, and wonderful OLED screen to boot. Praise and accolades...